Demand A Halt Of One-Half Milliong Gallons Of Radioactive Water Being Dumped Into Hudson River!

CALL FOR IMMEDIATE ACTION! Local Citizens and organizations around the nation, including Rock the Reactors, Green Nuclear Butterfly, Fuse USA, and Citizens Opposing a Radioactive Environment (CORE) have united to immediately halt the ongoing dumping of 500,000 gallons of radioactive … Continue reading

Nuke power liabilities dwarf Bush’s bailout

a href=””Nuke power liabilities dwarf Bush’s bailout/abr /blockquoteNuke power liabilities dwarf Bush’s bailoutbr /By Harvey Wassermanbr /Online Journal Guest Writerbr /br /br /Sep 24, 2008, 00:09br /br / Email this articlebr / Printer friendly pagebr /br /As you read this, … Continue reading