San Diego screening of MOVIE: “311: Surviving Japan”

WE HAVE THIS weekend to pre-sell just 6 seats to make this screening happen in San Diego! No excuses on the weekend, just DO it: You will NOT be charged until the event is confirmed. ($12 per ticket)…

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Radiation Bulletin: Nuclear News: June 25th – July 1st 2012

radbullThe Radiation Bulletin is published by the Abalone Alliance Clearinghouse.

Every week hundred’s of nuclear news stories are published around the world that the main stream media ignores on purpose. This edition of the Radiation Bulletin is a brief look at just some of nuclear news in the United States and around the world.

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Resolution of the All India Anti-nuclear Convention

Anti-nuclear activists from across India Met on August 10th to call for the closure of that country’s nuclear infrastructure. As the nature and extent of Fukushima continue to be censored by the global media, the back story out of Japan has ignited a global campaign with the recent meetings and organizing are just getting underway

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Radiation Bulletin: Chernobyl 25th Anniversary News

radbullThe weekly Radiation Bulletin has been published since 1985 by the Abalone Alliance Clearinghouse (SF California USA).

Every week up 1,000 nuclear news stories are published around the world. The Mainstream media just doesn’t want you know that there are battles over nuclear power and the nuclear fuel taking place around the world. The regular Radiation Bulletin is on vacation, however, here’s a modified weekly review of Global Coverage on the 25th Anniversary of Chernobyl.

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Deconstructing Nuclear Experts

Deconstructing Nuclear Experts

By Chris Busby


Since the Fukushima accident we have seen a stream of experts on radiation telling us not to worry, that the doses are too low, that the accident is nothing like Chernobyl and so forth. They appear on television and we read their articles in the newspapers and online. Fortunately the majority of the public don’t believe them. I myself have

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Harvey Wasserman: The Crash of France’s Nuclear Poster Child

a href=””Harvey Wasserman: The Crash of France’s Nuclear Poster Child/abr /blockquoteThe myth of a successful nuclear power industry in France has melted into financial /br /With it dies the corporate-hyped poster child for a “nuclear renaissance” of new reactor … Continue reading

Confidential documents reveal Finnish nuclear reactor cannot be guaranteed safe

Confidential documents reveal Finnish nuclear reactor cannot be guaranteed safe WEBWIRE – Wednesday, August 13, 2008 International — Finland, August 2008 — Confidential documents obtained by Greenpeace reveal that basic safety procedures have not been followed in the construction of … Continue reading