We Have One Minute Left to Save Earth!

David Suzuki warns us that we have  one minute left (the last generation) which is a condensed version of Professor Bartlett’s energy, math and exponential growth.

There are now hundreds of issues being manipulated into obscurity by corporate media management strategies.  Even the political parties have been captured (2). We have watched as the 1% has used divide and conquer tactics to dismantle  our society  with propaganda,  overwhelming most of us, especially young people.

We know why they are doing this.  Their model is not sustainable and has escalated global energy/resource demands that is breaking down the earth’s ability to support 7 Billion people.

We are running out of time.  Its time to take back the Earth before it becomes just another Lucas scicence fiction rerun.

#NukeFreeCal On Twitter

#NukeFreeCal is the twitter campaign to promote the Nuclear Free California network’s call to shut down nuclear energy in California. Fukushima has reawakened a global campaign of concern over attempts to dramatically expand the use of nuclear power worldwide.  The corporate media is managing this global movement into obscurity on purpose by refusing to cover Fukushima. Fukushima is a warning that California could be next. The use of twitter is single most powerful online tool to quickly connect a campaign at critical moments.

When using twitter to network content please use the # (hashmark) to link issues together Issues need to start linking up in an organized fashion on Twitter or they become lost. To do this means always creating a # (hash mark) or number symbol group and spreading the word to build on this.

Here is the hierarchy of issues for this particular campaign:

#corporate > #media > 99%
#Energy > #no-nukes > #fukushima > #nukefreecal > #solar > #wind

In California a new struggle has begun to shut down its two nuclear facilities that are both in danger of becoming the next Fukushima.

17 minute PBS Video: The Shoreline Fault at Diablo Canyon Is endangering California.

Watch the full episode. See more Need To Know.


Connect With the Nuclear Free California Network

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  • #nukefreecal
  • @AAClearinghouse
  • #fukushima

Please spare a few minutes a day and help build the Nuclear Free California Network!

People already participating

It takes less than 5 minutes to get started with twitter. Video Tutorials Here.

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