What’s New

October 2013

  • Added Occupy Nuclear Widget to side panel
  • Added ENE-News Feed to Fukushima News Menu
  • Redesign of Radiation Bulletin started – on vacation –

August 2013

  • Reorganized the Radiation Bulletin into a single weekly post with sub tabs for each major section
  • Added a summary for the Weekly Radiation Bulletin
  • The nuclear wire service used has been scaled back with no weekend news service – Sorry!
  • New graphics on sidebar that detail US and International Energy usage by country and source.

July 2013

  1. Pulled old header and standardized it on all pages
  2. Pulled old pages and updated Main Website Menu
  3. Review of links (thousands) started
  4. Integration of blog post/pages and webpages started
  • NRC – Nuclear Incidents Feed
  • Added new Categories under NuclearFreeCal – Diablo Canyon (2) – San Onofre
  • Reorganization of Menus – Removed older News by subject from Nuclear News Menu
  • Reorganization of Menus – Renamed Fukushima Fallout to just Fukushima
  • The Radiation Bulletin has been consolidated into a single weekly post using tabs.
  • New WordPress design and Management plugins added

June 2013

  • Major restructuring to the Energy News Menu – includes the following changes:
  1. New Energy Sources Page
  2. New Energy Oil Feed – The News Drum
  3. Link to California Energy Commission News (their built in feed service is broken)
  4. New RSS news feed to National Renewable Energy Labs
  5. Two New News feeds from the DOE’s Energy Information Agency (EIA)
  6. Rocky Mountain Institute blog feed – if it works
  7. Menu Color changes & Header Cleanup
  • Added New News feed for Climate Ark News
  • Added Beyond Nuclear as a new mirror site (Their content will post with the author name  – Home)
  • Added New York Times RSS Feed to Nuclear News Menu
  • Added Today’s International News Feed to the Side bar – I’m working on making this a separate feed page
  • Updated US NewsFukushima News and Government Doc Feeds located in the Nuclear News Menu
  • Added Today’s Nuclear US & International News to Side Bar
  • Added Weekly California Nuclear News RSS Feed to Nuclear News Menu

May 2013

  • Upgraded WordPress theme to Weaver II – Includes Mobile options for phones and tablets
  • Added new header (sky with yin/yang sun)
  • Added six Energy News Feeds with the latest news – see Energy News on main menu
  • Added three Nuclear News Feeds – Fukushima – US News – US Government docs -see menu

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