Culture Change

There are now hundreds of issues all crying for public awareness, all of which are being managed into oblivion by the corporate media. Merely being environmentally friendly is no longer good enough. Isn’t it about time that we start building some kind of Culture Change Challenge list that gets posted at the bottom/top of all our online communications?

  • The Corporate media’s management of the environmental crisis is the #1 issue in the world!
  • The 1992 petition of 1,700 Nobel Laureates warned that we had 20 years to solve our energy and population crisis.
  • The Cheney claim that “their lifestyle” is not up for negotiation.
  • The Earth’s Life Support Systems are all in Rapid Decline!
  • What are your ideas on what we need to do now? We could make a list of all the growing signs of instability. Albert Barlett’s 15 year old math class (see below video) sums up the problems we face.  Its no longer about money any more. If you are short on time, check out David Suzuki’s very cool animated short on the same subject.

    [youtube F-QA2rkpBSY The Most Important Video you will ever see]

    If you are just catching onto the crisis, you might want to go here.


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