The Energy Net has been online since 1988 when we were given permission to take over the name from the folks that started the original Energy-Net back in the early 1980’s.

The original Energy-Net was a network of activists across California who were organizing community based renewable energy programs, starting with making homes more energy efficient. This popular project was in competition against PG&E’s version of how to reduce electricity demand. The project died when PG&E and NRDC was able to push their own version of how to do energy efficiency programs within “the captured” California Public Utilities Commission.

In 1988 The Energy Net first went online as a member of the global network of Bulletin Board Services (BBS) called Fidonet. It stayed a local BBS system until 1994 when we switched to its current location on the world wide web. The formation of this blog is hopefully the next jump in the evolution in online communications… The Energy Net has been the archival home of the Abalone Alliance, the California statewide anti-nuclear movement that ran between 1977 and 1985. Please check out these resources about the Alliance.

This blog was setup on April 3rd 2007 in response to the growing push to develop nuclear power by the Bush Administration and the nuclear power industry. The blog has initially been setup as a vehicle for publishing the best nuclear news in the world. Go HERE to see the full RSS Feed from where these stories are coming from. As oldtimers start checking back in and get over the huge PR push by the media on nuclear, there will be a growing need to organize a response.

If you would like to learn more about Blogging, the blogisphere, including RSS feeds, Please check this link out.

If you are interested in helping create a blogging (media) campaign to counter the growing push for nuclear power please send email to abalone “at” energy-net.org

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