Fukushima FOIA: The Aftershock(Quake) That Blew Up Unit 1

radbull It took over three years before the US acknowledged that a partial meltdown happened at Three Mile Island. A half year after Fukushima its still not clear what caused not one but three reactors to have full meltdowns, at least 3 hydrogen explosions, the undisclosed deaths of workers, billions of dollars of damages and radiation contamination that will effect the region far into the future. Here’s the additional details that played a major part in what happened.

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The Diablo Blockade

This is the detailed Story of the Abalone Alliance’s historic 18 day blockade at Diablo Canyon. It is still the largest act of civil disobedience at a commercial US nuclear reactor when over 1900 arrests took place. Its being posted in remembrance of the 30th anniversary of the blockade’s September 10th, 1981 action.

The Alliance was formed in June of 1977 and at its peak was made up of groups from across California, with the goal of stopping Diablo Canyon from operating. On the last day of the blockade a newly hired 25 year old PG&E engineer discovered that the seismic supports were put in upside down. See the previous article for more details on this dramatic discovery!

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Cal Nukes on Faultlines: Shut Them Down Now!

The California Energy Commission (CEC) will be holding hearings on July 26th concerning the state’s long term power needs. Last spring the CEC sent out data requests to both Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) and Southern California Edison (SCE) concerning safety related issues at their nuclear facilities. The CEC list of questions was extensive. Both PG&E and SCE have replied to CEC’s data request and those documents were publicly made available for review on July 14th. It should be noted that PG&E did not respond to a single question, but instead submitted 36 seismic reports several hundred pages long.

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Radiation Bulletin: Chernobyl 25th Anniversary News

radbullThe weekly Radiation Bulletin has been published since 1985 by the Abalone Alliance Clearinghouse (SF California USA).

Every week up 1,000 nuclear news stories are published around the world. The Mainstream media just doesn’t want you know that there are battles over nuclear power and the nuclear fuel taking place around the world. The regular Radiation Bulletin is on vacation, however, here’s a modified weekly review of Global Coverage on the 25th Anniversary of Chernobyl.

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March 21st State of California Senate Nuclear Safety Hearings

Dan HirschOn March 21st and April 14th 2011 the California State Senate held two post Fukushima hearings on the safety of nuclear power in California. The first hearing in the days when Fukushima was still news generated major media in California while the 2nd hearing was nearly empty, not even our representatives showed. A promised hearing on emergency planning never took place.

This is a review of those hearings.

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