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The Energy Net’s blog was starting in the spring of 2007 with the intent of covering nuclear news from around the world.  There is an immense amount of news here.  The format for the blog has changed several times, so this is a brief review of its evolution and how you can best find materials in it.

Early Phase

For the first several years the blog was used to post individual news stories.  You can see these stories in the archival section either by location or subject.

Top Nuclear News Stories Phase

Between 2008  and June 2010 there was a very large weekly newsletter that covered the top 100 nuclear news stories in the world by subject.  You can see these listed in the archives as the “Newsletter”  There are literally thousands of news stories in these newsletters, many of them very important.  If you are a researcher and are looking for important stories during this period, there is a better way to go find what you are looking for than going through the newsletters one at a time.  The entire library of these stories are located in this searchable online library which you are welcome to use.  Searching is done by over 1,000 unique keywords. This library can be searched by geographical location or by numerous subject keywords.  There are also special keywords that are available on request.

Current News Phase

As a result of illness and age the library was on vacation from June of 2011 until Fukushima. From March up to the present a weekly url listing of all News stories coming out of Japan are posted and can be found under the subject of Radiation Bulletin – Fukushima.  In August 3 more additional news summaries were started also found under the Radiation Bulletin menu:

  • A weekly list of he Department of Energy as well as Fuel Cycle News;
  • A Weekly list of US Government Documents released on nuclear Issues;
  • A Weekly list of US and California News Stories;

I’m also considering starting up a regular posting of stand alone stories.  Lastly there are a few major stories that have yet to be organized, but some of them are posted under the archives page itself.

The old  Best of the Blog is being reorganized and has its own category on the main menu.

Pre-Blog News

The Energy Net has been archiving nuclear news since 1988.  Prior to the creation of this database online service, there has been hundred’s of thousands of nuclear news stories compiled and stored making this one of the largest nuclear news libraries in the world outside of government or corporate hands.  The content to this library is available upon request to anti-nuclear activists only.

Beyond The Blog

The Energy Net still maintains a non-blog website where a large numbers of nuclear issues are discussed including extensive links to online resources and important documents.

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