The State Lands Commission kills Diablo Environmental Review

Executive Summary The following material includes a review of the recent decision by the California State Lands Commission (SLC) that extended Pacific Gas & Electric Company’s (PG&E) lease of state lands but denied a proposed Environmental Impact Report (EIR).  The … Continue reading

Radiation Bulletin: July 29th – Aug. 4th 2013

radbullEvery week hundred’s of nuclear news stories are published around the world that the main stream media ignores on purpose. The Radiation Bulletin shows you a mix of the top stories plus extended coverage from Fukushima to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle.

Radiation Bulletin is published by the Abalone Alliance Clearinghouse

Special post for Fukushima articles


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Radiation Bulletin: Fuel Cycle/DOE: June 10th -16th 2013

radbullThe Radiation Bulletin is published by the Abalone Alliance Clearinghouse.

The Nuclear Fuel Cycle is the Achilles heal of the nuclear industry. From uranium mining to the deadly spent fuel of reactors, here’s the news that never makes the national news for a reason. This edition of the Radiation Bulletin includes a lot of Department of Energy news.

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