10-18-12 SCE’s RSG Testing Update + New NRC Blog Topic

The NRC has just posted this new topic on their blog site:

In Response to Your Letters: Proposed Restart of SONGS Unit 2

by Allison Macfarlane

NRC Chairman


You are encouraged to add you…

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The San Francisco-based California Public Utilities Commission on Tuesday published a draft investigation order regarding the idled San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.

 It will take up the matter at a public meeting Oct. 25 in Irvine.&nb…

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FOE –> San Onofre – Feds Stonewall FOE’s Petition For Legal Hearing On Reactor Restart

Posted Oct. 16, 2012,           Salute to FOE!

WASHINGTON, D.C. —  The Nuclear Regulatory
Commission’s continued refusal to consider a legally binding hearing on the
future of the San Onofre nuclear plant h…

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Update 10-14-12, SCE’s Replacement Steam Generator $680 Million Debacle

Safety Team’s – Update 10-14-12,  SCE’s Replacement
Steam Generator $680 Million Debacle

1.   If SCE’s and MHI’s Engineers had used all the following
guidelines, they would have p…

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SCE’s Restart PR Campaign Backfires in MV!

SCE’s RESTART PR campaign is now in full swing, please tell your friends to find out what SanO insiders are saying about all the technical issues AGAINST RESTARTING SanO, before they attend the NRC Dana Pt. meeting on 10-09-12.

The complet…

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California ISO prepares for another potential summer without San Onofre generation

News Release

News Release

For immediate release | September 13, 2012 Media Hotline ? 888.516.6397

For more information, contact:

Steven Greenlee | sgreenlee@caiso.com Stephanie McCorkle | smccorkle@caiso.com

California ISO prepares for another …

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The Number 1 US Nuclear Safety Concern ==> San Onofre’s Replacement Steam Generators

The DAB Safety Team is thankful to numerous
anonymous concerned SONGS Workers, who have provided factual information in the
interest of the Public Safety to us so that we could arrive at these “Reasonable

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Open Letter to San Clemente City Council – Request for Response

Before you read this, I’d just like to point out that this is DAY 17 without any nuclear power coming from San Onofre, and the lights are still on. I think maybe they need us more than we need them.

Mayor and Councilmembers,

After coming so far …

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New Risks for Nuclear Plants Reactors in Central, Eastern U.S. Face Greater Earthquake Threat, Study Finds

By REBECCA SMITH Nuclear reactors in the central and eastern U.S. face previously unrecognized threats from big earthquakes, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said Tuesday. Experts said upgrading the plants to withstand more substantial …

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