Community Symposium On Decommissioning San Onofre II

2nd Nuclear Waste Symposium/Radiation Monitoring

ROSE, invites you to attend our upcoming 2nd event on Nuclear Waste with Tom English and Joe Moross. Real facts about what’s in the “cans” and what could come out of them. There will also be a discussion about Independent Real-Time Radiation Monitoring at San Onofre Nuclear Waste site with Joe Moross from Safecast on Oct 18, 2018, at 1201 Puerta Del Sol Suite 100 San Clemente, California 92673, 3 to 5:30 pm.  We will also discuss the higher radiation readings Darin and I got on our last visit to San Onofre Nuclear Waste site.

We plan to stay on these two topics because of the time factor. Also, we want to have lots of time for a real back and forth discussion on both topics, so bring your questions. They will be answered with the best information we have.

SCE was invited to participate in this symposium, but they declined because they do not want to come out and speak in public until sometime in November when the NRC will hold a meeting with their findings from the September 10 inspection. Joe Moross from Safecast is only here until late October which is why we are going ahead with this symposium.


Gene Stone
Residents Organized For a Safe Environment (ROSE)
On twitter @gene_stone

Watch The 1st Community Symposium On Decommissioning San Onofre Streamed Oct 19, 2013 
Aging Nuke Dumps On Fault Lines In Tsunami Hazard Zones = Fukushimas… Any Questions?
PLEASE Turn off a light for Fukushima USA / San Onofre

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Radiation Bulletin: Fukushima News: Oct 31st – Nov. 6th 2011

radbullThe Radiation Bulletin is published by the Abalone Alliance Clearinghouse.

The US main stream media fails to cover the Fukushima disaster as a favor to the nuclear industry. This edition of the Radiation Bulletin is a day by day listing by title of all the news on Fukushima coming from the english press in Japan.

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