2015 California Nuclear News Stories

Major Stories

  •   Some times, It pays to remember the Past – California, and the Nation’s first anti-nuclear campaign in 1958 stopped PG&E from building a massive nuclear complex less than a thousand yards from the epicenter of the 1906 Earthquake that destroyed San Francisco – At the same time that the newly formed PG&E’s gas lines were helping burn down the city.
  •  In the late 70’s California Activists also stopped PG&E from building a multi-unit nuclear complex that was planned a few miles from the epicenter of where the 1989 Earthquake later took place.
  •  The California Energy Commission holds annual hearings over the state’s energy use. Critical presentations can be found on every aspect of the states energy use from solar to nuclear energy policy discussions.
  •  Santa Barbara Oil Slick will bring Energy Issues into the Limelight!
  • Devastating Photos Show How An Oil Spill Consumed Santa Barbara’s Coastline  http://huff.to/1KoFba9  via @HuffPostGreen

Diablo Canyon news

San Onofre News

CPUC - Peevy Gate

  • Historic Background —

    Back in 1989 when the PUC reversed its promise to disallow most of Diablo Canyon’s $5.8 billion in construction and $7 billion in financing costs – Internal reports showed that it would cost $54 billion to operate the reactors over the next 30 years. Details of that politically corrupt deal’s long term costs were never openly shared with the public.

  • As part of the experiment with deregulation between 1996-2001 the state’s last republican administration gave $28 billion to California’s three largest privately owned electric companies to make its nuclear facilities “competitive”. That money and billions more were all lost during the 2001 energy crisis. The CPUC has never done a full accounting of these costs to the public. While PG&E has enjoyed not paying any federal taxes for years!

    In a political deal that has never been investigated, Democrats would appoint the former head of Southern California Edison – Michael Peevey — to be the President of the California Public Utilities Commission – while ousting the state’s most outspoken critic of these companies on the commission.

  • After scandals within the PUC over San Onofre and San Bruno exploded, Michael Peevey stepped down, as state representatives passed legislation calling for serious reforms. Governor Brown vetoed the reforms and is now being implicated in the scandals.
  • The below article is a decent overview of the victory to keep Net Metering – that only happened because of petitions and active protests at the CPUC.
  • California representatives propose legislation to end Ex Parte scam in CPUC!