RFK: Mini-me-Trump or just a dead democracy Symptom?

I tend to be very slow about endorsements, and this is the case with RFKJr. who is a newly minted political bird who qualifies his position on nuclear in a way we rarely see.

Are you voting solely on his stand on nuclear?  I respect that, but there has been a substantial amount of coverage about other issues that are of growing concern.  For me, the question here is whether or not people supporting him become a poison pill like Bernie did in 2016, or the far more dangerous situation around Cornell West or Joe Manchin.  I hope you will check out my further comments below!  Please note there are other people running at this point who are also anti-nuclear!  This article is an urgent read about the dangers that Cornell represents by running as the Green Party candidate. 

Neither the Main Stream Media nor the alt-progressive press have been generous or comfortable with his campaign.  And it is his campaign claims (his aspirations) that is of concern so far. 

Robert has backed away from the climate issue, like Joe Manchin who will likely run on the no name ticket, is far more dangerous to the most important issue on the planet for me – Climate – as he is positioning himself to run as a 3rd party candidate with the goal of bribing Biden or Trump into giving him the head of DOE so he can destroy the climate (according to his own long time campaign organizer – see above link). 

Robert according to at least several stories has been getting funding from far right sources, but worse has openly admired Trump:

For example Robert has said he’s proud that Trump likes him!  45 also wanted Bernie to be his opponent in 2020! Why do you think this might be true?  During an interview on Fox Robert claimed that Trump is the greatest orator since Abe Lincoln.  Not to mention far right financial sources appear to be funding him!  Why would they do? 

FAIR’s piece summarizes his right wing financial ties in an astonishing article that lays out many concerns. Why is he going around the right wing podcast circuit and who has been supporting him?  Tech billionaires (libertarians) like Musk that are behind the social media crisis.  We are living in a moment where any wanna be Pan (cultist) can reach out and take control of what I would frame as “powerful social media communication resources- aka Mickey Mouse and the sorcerer” and fly untold numbers of people into the sea of insanity.  I would posit that most people have no clue of how the libertarian tech culture has destroyed the republican party from within and what that means to democrats who are even more clueless as the lib-tards are better at selling progressive issues than progressives are! 

One of latest claims is astounding!  He is now claiming that plastic pollution is the cause of the growing feminization of men in America.

He has recently been hedging his anti-vac position but at the same time claiming that vaccines caused HIV and the Spanish flue outbreak

RFK Jr.’s anti-vaxx views also reinforce damaging autism stereotypes, advocates say

The above FAIR article also brings up an astonishing subject that Robert has no real political experience of any kind?  What does this mean and why this is important is of major concern.  When he should know by now that this country is on the verge of slipping into an authoritarian state, what are his motivations for mirroring Trump’s politics?  We know what a poison pill is (the house just passed legislation is full of an estimated 1,500 poison pills).  They are example of our modern political world, designed to confuse and toxify people who lose out on their primary issues, in our case nuclear.  Our two party system leaves all issues like nuclear in the stranded backwaters of big tent gaming.  Because of this winner take all political system the larger question becomes what can any candidate especially one with no political or governing experience offer beyond his time in office?  He has already set himself up with his demeanor to be a mini-me-Trump like contender.  There is no broader concern or real vision from him – he is no FDR or individual with the character that is capable of carrying us through the coming global meltdown of humanity.  And I challenge you to see this as the bottom line.  For nearly 5 decades, my primary fear is not nuclear but climate for a reason – the radicals in this issue have more or less been ignored or more to the point hidden away because of their predictions that are far more extreme than what we hear.  Their fears are rapidly coming true but in the worst ways.  Up to 2/3rds of the planet’s current population could be living in completely uninhabitable parts of the planet in a matter of years as we see the potential for heat that no biological creature on land or air can survive that could force the greatest immigration crisis of all time.

David Attenborough’s documentary in 2021 showed that the world has 9 major tipping points of which Climate is only one and we were warned over 30 years ago that it was nearly here with humanity incapable of confronting this.  The psychology of denial comes into play in the worst ways – since most of the elites in this society are currently trapped with values and agendas exposing them for who they are – willing to kill off most of the planet in hopes of being the last one standing. Robert, if he understood the current moment would speak to that.  He hasn’t.

The 2024 election could be the end of this country as we know it.  Please frame your views in this context!

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