GRANHOLM ON CISFs: Moving forward, targeting tribal governments

Jennifer M. Granholm’s official portrait was unveiled in the state Capitol where it will hang in the Gallery of the Governors. The portrait features the governor amid symbols that tell the story of her administration’s efforts to diversify Michigan’s economy, educate and train its citizens, and protect them in tough economic times during the two-terms she served as Michigan’s 47th governor.Alarmingly, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm (pictured) has said the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) will move forward with irradiated nuclear fuel consolidated interim storage facilities (CISFs), “establishing a funding mechanism” and “engaging…tribal governments…to explore the concept.” Does this mean DOE does not support CISFs currently targeted at New Mexico and Texas? Why, then, is the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission poised to rubber-stamp the Holtec and Interim Storage Partners construction and operations licenses? Lack of consent for radioactive waste abuses was just expressed again in Texas, by strong objection to dangerous legislation benefiting ISP’s host, Waste Control Specialists. Given Biden administration support for EJ, how can it support CISFs targeting polluted, low income, Latinx and Indigenous communities?!

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