Gallup International Poll: Global support for Nuclear Power Drops


The present survey was conducted in 47 countries across all continents by leading polling companies associated with WIN?Gallup International. Over 34,000 adult men and women representing various sections of society were interviewed across the globe.

In the context of the tragic tsunami and Earthquake in Japan, public views on use of Nuclear Energy have become a topic of wide interest. In this way, the findings are enlightening and a valuable resource for pollsters, the world leaders, social scientists, academics and general public.

At WIN?Gallup International we are always interested in striking partnerships with think?tanks as well as universities and look forward to such opportunities to expand due to this endeavor. We would welcome any feedback and comments on this survey.

As reported by Gallup International, which did polled 47 countries around the world. Numbers in parenthesis represent before and after Fukushima polling numbers.


Japan (62:39)            Saudi Arabia (52:43)
Canada (51:43)         Tunisia (44:39)           
Netherlands (51:44) Hong Kong (48:40)
Romania (51:41)       Cameroon (46:44)  


By 10% points or more  (6 countries)

China (83: 70)                Egypt (65:52)
India (58-49)                   Iraq (62:49)     
Russia (63:52)               Bangladesh (64:51)

Type C: Majorities Affected Moderately
Drop in support less than 10% points (10 countries)   

USA  (53.47)        Finland (58:52)   Nigeria (65:63)
France (66.58)    Czech (63.61)     Vietnam (62:57)
Korea (65.64)      Bulgaria (43:34) Latvia ((54:53)   
Pakistan (55:53)           

Type D: MInorities Further Thinned (18 countries)

Germany (34:26)       Belgium   (43:34)
Switzerland  (40:34) Georgia (26:16)
Poland (36:30)           Kenya (32:21)
Iceland (33:32)           Palestine (39:30)
Serbia (21:17)            Colombia (24:23)
Brazil (34:32)              Italy (28:24)
Austria (13:9)              Bosnia (20:17)
Greece (12:10)            Macedonia (21:19)
Ireland (34:30)            Turkey (45:41)

Counter Trends

Spain (39:41)              Azerbaijan (17:20)
Fiji (28:29)                    Moroccof (16:35)
South Africa (45:49)

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