Fukushima: What you thought you knew might not be true

The triple disaster that hit Japan on March 11th 2011 can’t be distilled into a single article or video documentary. If you get anything out of this presentation, it should be clear that the earthquake, tsunami and the impacts from the nuclear catastrophe (Black Swan event) is still unfolding a year later.


During the two week period before and after the first anniversary of Fukushima, there were at 410 stories in released in English around the world. They are all listed here, broken down by major subject and available to read. Only a small fraction of the actual news stories came from the United States or other countries other than Japan. Of the major stories not originating in Japan, most of them had to do with promoting the status of the nuclear industry. There was also a very large number of stories in Japan discussing the impacts to Japan’s nuclear industry as well, but not just limited to this particular subject.

Spare me the details!

As the former head of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev stated in his memoirs, the Chernobyl disaster played a primary role in the collapse of that country. That disaster, called the largest industrial disaster in world history is still having major impacts around the world. In fact one area in the UK finally delisted their 25 year monitoring program after radiation levels finally dropped to reasonably safe levels. The nuclear industry has long been manipulating public’s awareness of the scale of the Chernobyl disaster by reducing the accident to the number of deaths, and doing so in one of the most deceitful manners possible. Claiming that the health impacts of those most impacted were mostly a matter of nuclear phobia.

Even the attempt to reduce either Chernobyl or Fukushima down to economic impacts is an act of immorality, which for Chernobyl is all but been occluded from all but the most obscure coverage, or details. Note the lack of even a single mention of economic costs in either of these two (article onearticle two )major Wikipedia pieces on Chernobyl.
The 2nd actually does say that the disaster cost 18 billion Rubles. However, this number is so outlandish ($600 million) as to demonstrate the kind of overt manipulation of English reading public. As early as 1990 the Wall Street Journal was predicting cost to reach into the hundred’s of billion of dollars. A far better discussion on the economic impacts that include the claim by Byelorussia alone at $235 billion can be found here.

Fukushima: What Happened

Special Note: Japan’s NHK public TV station Anniversary piece is not available online

PBS Frontline Inside Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown (video documentary)
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Fukushima in review: A complex disaster, a disastrous response – Yoichi Funabashi, Kay Kitazawa
TEPCO analysis shows Fukushima Reactor 1 suffered core damage hours earlier than estimated – Lucas W Hixson
Japan TimesChronology of major events related to the nuclear crisis

Japan TimesAngry Kan to Tepco: Contain crisis at all costs
Mainichi Daily News
Meltdown judgment was difficult at early stage: ex-TEPCO vice pres.
Fukushima Diary
Corium may have been penetrated completely 15 hours after meltdown

Nuclear Industry Impacts: USA

St. Paul Pioneer PressNew post-Fukushima nuclear regs could cost Xcel millions
New Scientist
Don’t compare Fukushima to Chernobyl – Don Higson
Newburyport Daily News
Keeping safe from another Fukushima
Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works
Statement of Chairman Boxer “Lessons from Fukushima One Year Later: NRC’s Implementation of Recommendations for Enhancing Nuclear Reactor Safety in the 21st Century”
Salem News
Our View: Japan’s nuclear disaster unlikely here
Open Salon
Jill Stein Asks: ‘Has Obama Learned Nothing from Fukushima?’
Lower Hudson Journal
Editorial: Lessons from Fukushima
Nuclear Engineering
NRC issues post-Fukushima orders
Daily Camera
Dan Frazier: What have we learned from Fukushima?
Fox 31 KDVR
Rocky Flats remembered on anniversary of Japan disaster
CBS Local
Hundreds Gather At Indian Point To Remember Fukushima Nuclear Plant Disaster
Brattleboro Reformer
Protesters march on one year anniversary of Japanese nuclear disaster – Josh Stilts
Cutting Edge
U.S. Nuclear Regulators Tighten Up, One Year after Fukushima Disaster – Ben Geman
MIT Technology Review
Despite Fukushima, Nuclear Keeps Powering Ahead
Power Engineering Magazine
Fukushima still affecting U.S. nuclear industry
Press Action blog
U.S. Nuclear Industry Operates as if Fukushima Never Happened
eNews Park Forest
Nuclear Energy Institute Report on Japan’s Nuclear Reactors
Orange County Register blog
‘Danger Zone: Aging nuclear reactors’ – March 11th, 2012, 12:00 am · · posted by Teri Sforza, Register staff writer
San Diego Union-TribuneRally at San Onofre nuclear power plant draws hundreds – Caroline Dipping
San Diego Union-TribuneFire Hazard could be State’s Tsunami – David Lochbaum
San Diego Union-TribuneTechnology Can solve America’s Energy Crisis
San Diego Union-TribuneLessons Not Learned by The U.S. Government – Rochelle Becker & John Geesman
Capital TimesOne year after Fukushima, nuclear business as usual in Wisconsin
Hudson ReporterNo more Fukushimas–Anti-nuclear power peace walkers rest in Weehawken on 250-mile journey – Gennarose Pope
Santa Barbara IndependentIn the Shadow of Diablo, Remembering Fukushima – Jane Swanson
San Diego Union-TribuneSan Onofre studies wait for answers – Morgan Lee
San Luis Obispo TribuneDiablo Canyon digs into the details to ensure safety – David Sneed
Mid-Hudson NewsRiverkeeper predicts IP could be first nuke plant to have license renewal rejected
CNET NewsNuclear renaissance? More like nuclear standstill – Martin LaMonica
New York TimesNuclear Fallout – Kristen Iversen
San Jose Mercury NewsBen Davis Jr.: California doesn’t know if Fukushima can happen here – Ben Davis Jr.
Sustainable PlantSixty Years in the Shadow of Critical Mass – Paul Studebaker
TIME blogNuked: A Year After Fukushima, Nuclear Power Is Down — and Carbon Is Up – Bryan Walsh
U.S. News & World ReportExperts on Fukushima: It Can’t Happen Here – Jason Koebler
NRCNRC to Issue Orders, Information Request as Part of Implementing Fukushima-Related Recommendations
CNBC blogHamilton: One Year Later – Fukushima’s Wider Lessons – Daniel Hamilton
ReutersCERAWEEK-Japan quake anniversary puts focus on nuclear safety – Eileen O’Grady
Washington PostNuclear Regulatory Commission orders changes at US nuke plants in response to Japan crisis
Daily CallerFukushima disaster halts progress of nuclear power in the US – Michael Bastasch
BloombergNuclear Industry Must Speed Seismic Reviews, NRC’s Chairman Says – Brian Wingfield
Civil Society InstituteSurvey: Americans Not Warming Up to Nuclear Power One Year After Fukushima
The GuardianBig Nuclear’s cosy relationship with the Obama administration – Amy Goodman
The GuardianUS nuclear regulator chided for slow safety reforms after Fukushima – Maureen Nandini Mitra
Scientific American blog1 Year after Fukushima: Could It Happen in the U.S.? – John Matson
TruthdigThe Bipartisan Nuclear Bailout – Amy Goodman
Wall Street JournalNuclear Pushes On Despite Fukushima – Chester Dawson, Brian Spegele and Selina Williams
Salt Lake TribuneNew nationwide poll shows wariness about nuclear power – Judy Fahys
MSNBCJapan disaster dims hopes for US nuclear rebirth – John W. Schoen
MIT Technology ReviewWhat We Learned About Nuclear Safety from Fukushima – Peter Fairley
The HillJaczko: NRC might not meet deadline to impose nuke safety reforms – Andrew Restuccia
New London DayFukushima nuclear tragedy leaves lasting mark at Millstone – Judy Benson
Union of Concerned ScientistsNRC Needs a More Comprehensive Approach to Post-Fukushima Nuclear Safety, Report Finds
IPSNo Nuclear Nirvana on the Horizon – Robert Alvarez
Knoxville News Sentinel blogUCS to release 1-yr Fukushima report – Frank Munger
Pottstown.patchExelon: ‘Upgrades Built On Lessons From Japan’ – Teresa McMinn
Wall Street JournalFukushima and the Future of Nuclear Power?
Orange County RegisterRemember Fukushima by closing San Onofre – Gary Headrick
BloombergCalifornia Nuclear Backlash Mounts After Japan Meltdown: Energy

Nuclear Industry Impacts: International

Green Left WeeklyAustralia’s role in the Fukushima disaster – Jim Green
IAEA: “significant” nuclear growth despite Fukushima
Huffington Post
A Post-Fukushima World: Truths and Confusion About Global Energy – Vivian Norris
Facing South
A year after Fukushima, the South remains at unnecessary risk of nuclear disaster – Sue Sturgis
UN: IAEARemembering Fukushima, Looking Ahead
UN: ReutersOlder nuclear plants pose safety challenge: IAEA – Fredrik Dahl
BBC News
Statement on Fukushima
Asahi Shimbun
Anti-nuclear demonstrations held in Japan, elsewhere
Xinhua News
China rethinks nuclear power one year after crisis in Japan
South America: MercoPressOne year after Fukushima, time for a more mature debate on nuclear
Japan Times
Germans, French slam atomic power
Taipei Times
Thousands march against nuclear power – Lee I-chia
Philippine Daily InquirerEditorial: Lessons of 3/11
Times of IndiaAnti-Jaitapur activists call for boycott – Sandeep AsharSandeep Ashar
RFIAnti-nuclear human chain to link 200 kms between Lyon and Avignon
Taipei TimesAnti-nuclear protesters plan nationwide marches
Bangkok PostNuclear power on the ropes
The HinduIs Helen Caldicott’s Nuclear Madness still relevant? – John Vergis Vilanilam
News InternationalPPC calls for halt to pursuit of nuclear energy – Shahid Husain
BloombergEDF U.K. Hinkley Point Nuclear Site Attracts Protests, BBC Says – Sarah Jones
Deutsche LocalMerkel defends nuclear phase out
Der SpiegelNuclear Lobby Pushes Ahead with New Reactors
PlattsOutside of Japan and Europe, no major post-Fukushima nuclear retraction: WEC – Elaine Hiruo, Ann MacLachlan
Xinhua NewsNuclear energy not likely to stop but can be safer after Japan disaster, experts say
Asia TimesNuclear power back from the grave – Victor Kotsev
Asia TimesDownfall of nuclear nationalism – Matthew Penney
BBC NewsGlobal fallout: Did Fukushima scupper nuclear power? – Richard Black
SwissinfoSwiss at odds over roadmap to nuclear-free future – Olivier Pauchard
The EconomistNuclear power: The dream that failed
The GuardianNuclear power plants around the world – map
BloombergIAEA Needs Greater Nuclear Reactor Safety Powers Post-Fukushima – Tara Patel
Der SpiegelGerman Nuclear Inspectors Remember Fukushima – Interview by Takis Würger
The GuardianDramatic fall in new nuclear power stations after Fukushima – Fiona Harvey in Brussels, John Vidal and Damian Carrington
Focus TaiwanReligious groups declare united stance against nuclear power
The HinduHow Fukushima is relevant to Kudankulam
ReutersS.Africa goes big on nuclear a year on from Fukushima – Agnieszka Flak and Jon Herskovitz
Mainichi Daily NewsJapan to contribute 4 mil. euros to IAEA for nuclear safety
ReutersEDF to carry out post-Fukushima works in next 10 yrs – Muriel Boselli and Benjamin Mallet
IEERPost-Fukushima Nuclear Safety in France – Arjun Makhijani, Ph.D. (pdf-252K)

Nuclear Industry Impacts: Japan

Daily YomiuriLocal govts seek state judgment on N-reactors / Safety fears, economic impact complicate local authorities’ ability to decide on reactivation
Daily Yomiuri
Insurers sell services for mega solar plants
Mainichi Daily News
Huge offshore wind-power project sparks backlash from Fukushima fishing community
Post-Fukushima Japan resumes work on nuclear fuel facility in Aomori Prefeture – Lucas W Hixson
IEEE Spectrum
No Nukes and No Blackouts in Japan? – John Boyd
Japan Times
State panel riven on future use of atomic power
Mainichi Daily News
TEPCO admits hiring another former gov’t official after Fukushima meltdowns
Wall Street Journal blog
Sayonara Denko-Chan: Tepco Unplugs Cartoon Mascot
Japan Times
Passivity toward negligence – Gebhard Hielscher
Mainichi Daily News
Fukushima citizens to accuse TEPCO, gov’t of negligence over crisis
Mainichi Daily News
TEPCO under fire for hiring ex-Tokyo gov’t bureaucrat to collect energy policy info
Mainichi Daily News
The future of nuclear industry-dependent towns is now
Mainichi Daily News
Gov’t panel divided on Japan’s future use of atomic power
Mainichi Daily News
Noda hints at OK for nearly completed Shimane plant reactor to operate
Japan Seeks Restart of Fukui Prefecture Reactors, Yomiuri Says
ReutersJapan ministers to meet on reactor restart-media
Daily Yomiuri
Local communities await decision on reactors
Daily Yomiuri
Kan stresses need for stricter N-management – Hidetoshi Ikebe
Daily Yomiuri
NSC panel finalizes ideas on N-safety
Daily Yomiuri
Approval seen for Oi nuclear plant test results
Daily Yomiuri
NSC panel finalizes ideas on N-safety
Mainichi Daily News
Japan’s oldest reactor marks 42nd anniv., resumption unforeseen
Mainichi Daily News
Nuclear safety panel to present view on Oi reactors soon
Nuclear Engineering
TEPCO outlines long-term plan
Daily Yomiuri
Editorial: Nuclear power must be part of Japan’s energy future
Denki Shimbun
TEPCO president visited Fukushima to apologized for nuclear accident
Japan Times
Safety panel to present view on Oi reactors soon
Mainichi Daily News
Japan struggles to handle plutonium as fast-breeder reactor project becomes unrealistic
Mainichi Daily News
Gov’t not to assess TEPCO reactor report till corrective steps taken
Mainichi Daily News
Lawsuit seeking to halt Genkai atomic plant draws record plaintiffs
Activists file lawsuit to try to stop restart of Japanese nuclear plant – Junko Ogura
Yahoo!7 News
Majority of Japanese oppose nuclear plant restarts – poll
Daily Yomiuri
Govt to OK geothermal plants in national parks
Daily Yomiuri
N-plants key to power supply / Govt to embark on efforts to resume operations at reactors
Japan Today
259 citizens file suit to block restart of reactors in Fukui
Mainichi Daily News
Missteps marred initial response of Kan gov’t to contain nuclear crisis
Mainichi Daily News
Fukushima issues declaration to promote renewable energy
Mainichi Daily News
TEPCO vows to continue efforts to keep Fukushima plant under control
Mainichi Daily
Noda to take lead in gaining local approval to restart nuclear plants
Tokyo Times
Citizens fight in court against reactor reopening

Xinhua News
Japanese protest against nuclear power in Tokyo
Japan TimesAntinuke protests erupt nationwide – Deccan Chronicle
Japan TodayOnly 2 nuclear plants have seawalls – Fukushima Daiichi, Daini
Mainichi Daily NewsTEPCO to indicate in March whether all Fukushima reactors to be scrapped
New York TimesFukushima Could Have Been Prevented – James M. Acton and Mark Hibbs
Washington PostYear after nuclear disaster, improvement comes slow, if at all, to Japan’s regulatory system
Japan TimesLessons to learn from the Fukushima disaster – Tadateru Konoe
Japan TimesChubu reactor safety improvements mixed bag – Chunichi Shimbun
Japan TimesSummer power crunch looms large
Mainichi Daily NewsNuclear agency OKs Ikata nuclear reactor’s safety test results
Mainichi Daily NewsProspects bleak for April 1 launch of new nuclear safety agency
New York TimesJapan’s Nuclear Energy Industry Nears Shutdown, at Least for Now – Martin Fackle
PlattsJapan nuke safety expert sees no viable alternative to nuclear power – Vandana Hari, Thomas Hogue
Daily YomiuriGovt to make 1st judgment on restarting N-reactors
Mainichi Daily NewsNearly 60 percent of mayors in disaster-hit areas want nuclear power stations abolished
Mainichi Daily NewsOne year on, Fukushima governor vows to replace atomic power with green energy
Mainichi Daily NewsProcess for restarting reactors preceding new energy policy
BloombergTokyo Seen Vunerable to Quake a Year on From Disaster – Chris Cooper and Kiyotaka Matsuda
Mainichi Daily NewsEditorial: Time to say goodbye to nuclear power
Mainichi Daily NewsIndustry minister to tell TEPCO to cut ‘free’ contracts with affiliated firms by 30 percent
Mainichi Daily NewsFukushima nuclear crisis was preventable: U.S. experts
EnformableNew Nuclear Reactor Consequences Analyses downplays risk of “unlikely” nuclear accident in United States – Karl Grossman
Wall Street Journal blogOne Year On: Has the Earth Moved Under Japan’s Atomic Industry? – Chester Dawson
Denki ShimbunCapacity factor of nuclear power stations falls under 10%
Mainichi Daily NewsQuake severity estimate for Tsuruga nuclear plant to be reassessed
Japan TimesTsuruga nuke plant sits atop major fault

Emergency Response Impacts

Japan TimesThird of Fukushima kids got first radiation lessons from disaster: poll
Japan Times
Thousands drill for Tsuruga nuke plant disaster
Mainichi Daily News
Fukushima evacuees upset over gov’t plan for set compensation amounts
Mainichi Daily News
Evacuated residents of Fukushima no-go area set up temporary town nearby
Mainichi Daily News
Long-term nuclear evacuees should get 6 mil. yen each: gov’t panel
Japan atomic regulator blocked crisis plan revamp – documents
Japan Times
NISA iced safer nuke evacuation zones
What if the Fukushima nuclear fallout crisis had happened here?
Naoto Kan discusses TEPCO plans to evacuate Fukushima Daiichi in Australian news interview – Lucas W Hixson
Washington Post
A Japanese town once famous for its cherry blossoms now sits empty – Chico Harlan
Fukushima Diary
JP Gov did not evacuate JP emperor to west Japan for the risk of panic
Minnesota Public Radio
What happens after a nuclear accident
EarthtimesCall for more research into nuclear disasters – Adrian Bishop
Huffington PostHow To Survive A Nuclear Meltdown
EnformablePost-Fukushima – Lack of “safety culture” the legacy of nuclear disaster – Lucas W Hixson
NIRSAmerican Nuclear Society is Right to Say U.S. Nuclear Emergency Planning Inadequate– But Wrong on Solutions
Discovery NewsJapan, One Year Later: In the Radiation Zone – Ian O’Neill
Washington PostTomioka, Japan: Population one
Fukushima DiarySolatium will be cut off by the end of August – Iori Mochizuki
Japan TimesLessons to learn from the Fukushima disaster – Tadateru Konoe
Mainichi Daily News57 percent of evacuees didn’t apply for compensation due to confusing forms: survey
Minneapolis StarTribuneExpert panel: 10-mile evacuation zone may not be adequate for some nuclear power plants – D Cappiello & M Daly
Fukushima Diary33,160 people left Fukushima – Iori Mochizuki
BloombergTokyo Seen Vunerable to Quake a Year on From Disaster – Chris Cooper and Kiyotaka Matsuda
MSNBCThe Fallout: TEPCO: ‘We are very sorry’
Mainichi Daily News36% of evacuees from Fukushima not wanting to return: survey
Mainichi Daily NewsU.S. envoy cites need for regional mechanism to respond to disasters

Political Impacts

Green Left WeeklyJapan: One year after Fukushima, people speak out
Yahoo!7 News
80% in Japan ‘support nuclear phase-out’
Daily Yomiuri
Heads of 4 municipalities favor restarting N-reactors after govt OK
Daily Yomiuri
Virtual fight starts against N-plant terror
Daily Yomiuri
Local govts have duty to air residents’ wishes – Takaaki Suzuki
Japan Times
Awaiting a nuclear tsunami?
Japan Times
Editorial: Time for antinuclear protests
Japan Times
Kan hero, or irate meddler? Jury out on if he thwarted Tepco pullout at No. 1 – Reiji Yoshida
Fukushima becoming synonymous with failure and the unknown – Lucas W Hixson
Daily Yomiuri
Meaning of ‘local’ authority unclear
Mainichi Daily News
Editorial: Creation of new nuclear regulatory agency no stage for political grandstanding
Fukushima Diary
Translation of Noda’s speech on 3/11/2012 (Noise reduction)
Japan Times
Thousands rally at Hibiya Park – Jun Hongo
Mainichi Daily News
Literary critic takes aim at nuclear power in new book
Mainichi Daily
Antinuclear protests held across Japan on anniversary
Huffington PostHarry Truman’s Lies and Fukushima – Rahna Reiko Rizzuto
Open Salon“…As If Fukushima Never Happened”
Foreign PolicyJapan’s Nuclear Cabal – Nobuo Fukuda
The GuardianHow Fukushima is leading towards a nuclear-free Japan – Justin McCurry
Fukushima DiaryFukushima mayor has never visited nuclear plants – Iori Mochizuki
Japan TimesNoda’s definition of ‘safe’ questioned – Kazuaki Nagata
Japan TimesRevenge of the Japanese mandarins – Masahiro Matsumura
Focus TaiwanAnti-nuclear activists to stage protests around Taiwan
Kenny Side showThe Demonic Reality of Fukushima and The Absurdity of The NRC – Cindy Folkers
Mainichi Daily NewsEditorial: Gov’t must listen to communities striving to recover from nuke disaster – Denki Shimbun

Fukushima Cleanup

Daily YomiuriTown asked to accept debris ash / Govt wants Tomioka to bury radioactive residue in private landfill
Fukushima Diary
Australia considers accepting radioactive debris
Fukushima Diary
Reactor1 heated – Iori Mochizuki
Fukushima Diary
Onna son voted unanimously to accept radioactive debris in Okinawa
Fukushima Diary
[Video] Inside of the SFP and container vessel of reactor 4
Japan Times
Plan to N-shrine reactors for millennia – Edan Corkill
Japan Times
Toyama concludes cadmium cleanup
Denki Shimbun
International symposium held on Fukushima I decommissioning
Fukushima Diary
Tepco is trying to put new heating gauge for reactor2
Fukushima Diary
SFP of reactor4 became cloudy – Iori Mochizuki
Fukushima Diary
Naha Okinawa is generally going to accept radioactive debris
Mainichi Daily News
Nuke crisis far from under control as TEPCO’s ‘inadequate predictions’ continue
Workers at Fukushima Daiichi fail to enter Reactor 3 Suppression Chamber area due to damaged door – Lucas W Hixson
World Nuclear News
Fukushima water treatment stepping up
Fukushima Diary
Naha Okinawa is generally going to accept radioactive debris
Fukushima Diary
Troll rejected by Tokushima prefecture with the perfect answer
Kyodo News
Water in Fukushima plant’s No. 4 spent fuel pool may be less clear
Mainichi Daily News
No cracks or strains seen in suppression chamber of No. 2 reactor at Fukushima plant
The Guardian
EnergySolutions awarded Fukushima clean-up contract
Contaminated water accumulating at Fukushima Daiichi still poses problems for TEPCO – Lucas W Hixson
World Nuclear News
Pond investigation towards Fukushima fuel removal
Daily Yomiuri
Entire country must help with debris – Yoshihiro Kiyonaga
Denki Shimbun
Technological development to be key to decommissioning Fukushima I
Mainichi Daily News
474,000 tons of disaster rubble remains piled up in nuke crisis no-go zone
Mainichi Daily News
Mainichi scoop on Mongolia’s nuclear plans highlights problems in dealing with waste
Daily Yomiuri
Debris disposal tests national character
Mainichi Daily News
Mixed reaction over plan for Fukushima county to store radioactive waste

Popular Mechanics
40 Years of Fukushima Cleanup: Timeline – Marina Koren
Washington PostJapan decontaminates towns near tsunami-hit nuclear plant, unsure costly effort will succeed
BellonaFukushima one year on: Clean up efforts slowly gaining a toe hold as public trust in government remains low – Charles Digges
Mainichi Daily NewsFukushima plant still needing great care a year after tsunami
Daily YomiuriRobot built to explore nuclear plant
Fukushima DiaryReactor crane was removed from reactor 4 – Iori Mochizuki
Washington PostJapan decontaminates towns near tsunami-hit nuclear plant, unsure costly effort will succeed

Economic Impacts

Mainichi Daily NewsNo. of visitors to Japan shrinks 19% in Feb.
Mainichi Daily News
Fukushima evacuees upset over gov’t plan for set compensation amounts
Mainichi Daily News
Long-term nuclear evacuees should get 6 mil. yen each: gov’t panel
Reuters Africa
TEPCO to request 700 bln yen additional funding – Nikkei
Utility Products
Japanese Cost Estimate for Nuclear Power set to Rise
Japan Quake a Year On: Petrochemical sector wrestles with high costs, uncertain demand
PBS NewsHour
After 500 Years in Family, Rice Farmers Forced Off Land by Fukushima
Mainichi Daily NewsFew signs abroad of lifting of import restrictions on Japanese food products
Zimbabwe Mail
Zimbabwe to ban Japanese car imports over Nukes contamination
Mainichi Daily NewsFukushima town seeks 19 billion yen from TEPCO for real estate damage
The DiplomatWhat Japan Must Do Now – Jeffrey W. Hornung
ReutersWorld nuclear powers on after Fukushima, costs rise – Nina Chestney and Karolin Schaps
New Straits TimesJapanese fishery products found to contain radioactive materials?
New York TimesJapan Looks Beyond Its Borders for Investors – Hiroko Tabuchi
ReutersJapan lenders ready to back Fukushima operator Tepco, but wary – Taiga Uranaka
Fukushima DiaryJP Gov distributes money for the local governments to accept radioactive debris – Iori Mochizuki
BloombergJapan Nuclear Shutdowns Boost Current Account Deficit to Record $5 Billion – Andy Sharp and Mayumi Otsuma
Mainichi Daily NewsSaving sake: 300-year-old brewery battling against impact of Fukushima nuclear crisis
BBC NewsShareholders sue Tepco executives for nuclear disaster  besides $100 billion in compensation claims
Japan TimesFukushima farmers in two-front war – Mizuho Aoki
AFP GoogleShareholders sue TEPCO for $67 bn: reports
Wall Street JournalNew Tariff, Nuclear Halt May Fuel Japan Solar Demand? – Mari Iwata
Japan TimesNGO: 320 banks bankrolling nukes
Mainichi Daily NewsH.K. to resume some food imports from Japan
Mainichi Daily NewsSaving sake: Struggling to restore confidence in Fukushima’s liquor-destined rice

Cultural Impacts

New York TimesThe End of Japanese Illusions – Yoichi Funabashi
Mainichi Daily News
Evacuee who wants to return to hometown says he can only wait a few more years
Mainichi Daily News
Evacuees visit no-entry zone to mourn disaster victims
BBC NewsJapan quake: Loss and recovery in numbers
BBC NewsOne year after Japan’s huge earthquake and tsunami
Financial TimesMy findings in Japan’s existential fallout – Yoichi Funabashi
Financial TimesFukushima: a strange kind of homecoming – Mure Dickie
The IndependentJapan one year on: A journey through a world shaken to the core – David McNeil
Der SpiegelCancer Fears and Depression Plague Japanese Refugees – Cinthia Briseño and Heike Sonnberger
Mainichi Daily NewsLife getting worse for many Fukushima residents: Mainichi poll
Mainichi Daily NewsOver half of Fukushima residents ‘greatly worried’ about health after nuclear crisis
Mainichi Daily NewsNumber of suicides jumped shortly after March quake in 2011
BloombergJapan’s 3/11 Triple Catastrophe Endures in Broken Families, Divided Towns
BloombergTokyo Seen Vunerable to Quake a Year on From Disaster – Chris Cooper and Kiyotaka Matsuda
NatureJapan’s nuclear crisis: Fukushima’s legacy of fear – Geoff Brumfiel & Ichiko Fuyuno
ReutersA year on, Japan nuclear film shows lives in limbo – Chris Gallagher
Daily YomiuriOne Year After The Disaster / Schools with fewer students struggle to reopen / High number of families with children displaced by Fukushima disaster yet to return to municipalitie
Japan TimesAre we pointing at the right guy? – Edan Corkill
Mainichi Daily NewsEvacuees from March 11 disasters losing hope of going home
Tokyo TimesFukushima officials “too slow”, says U.S. rights group
Xinhua NewsGoing home not option for over one third of evacuees from Fukushima: poll
Mainichi Daily NewsIn the eyes of a child: 3-year-old’s life turned upside down by Fukushima crisis

Radiation Impacts

Fukushima DiaryCement company in Okinawa will recycle radioactive debris
Fukushima Diary
“Don’t play in the park for longer than 1 hour a day”
Fukushima Diary
Cesium measured from plankton 600km from Fukushima plants
Fukushima Diary
Radioactive wind hits Tokyo from 3/17 to 3/19
Fukushima Diary
Death marathon again – Iori Mochizuki
Fukushima Diary
Cardiac arrest case was doubled after 311 – Iori Mochizuki
Mainichi Daily News
Radioactive material not detected on pollen: researcher
Mainichi Daily News
Japan using overseas food aid to help dispel contamination fears
Mainichi Daily News
Long-term nuclear evacuees should get 6 mil. yen each: gov’t panel
Nuclear Scientist Responds To Critics Of His Belief That Fukushima Refugees Are Victims Of Fear, Not Radiation – Christopher Helman
Fukushima Diary
Marine contamination may have reached north to Hawaii
Mainichi Daily News
Holes in radiation decontamination law leave some Fukushima residents in doubt
Cesium contamination from Fukushima disaster found penetrating deeper into ground – Lucas W Hixson
Fukushima Diary
Ibaraki local gov rebelled against JP gov about fishery product safety limit
Fukushima Diary
A Fukushima citizen proved monitoring post was manipulated
Fukushima Diary
Fall-out is increasing in Fukushima again
Fukushima Diary
Black substance coming down to Tokyo area
Fukushima Diary
3,000,000 Bq/m2 of cesium from the dam in Fukushima
Fukushima Diary
Detectable amount of WBC in Fukushima is 300 Bq/Kg
Fukushima Diary
Alpha nuclide on the street gutter – Iori Mochizuki
Japan Times
Fukushima soil fallout far short of Chernobyl – Jun Hongo
Mainichi Daily News
Radioactive materials may have sunk 30 cm into ground
Democracy Now!
Nuclear Engineer Arnie Gundersen: Fukushima Meltdown Could Result in 1 Million Cases of Cancer – Arne Gundersen
The Conversation
Don’t hold your breath for Fukushima’s radiation toll
Pacific Free Press
Radiation Contamination Fears Persist in Fukushima and Beyond
PBS NewsHour
Fukushima’s Food Fallout: Testing Groceries for Radiation in Japan
Fukushima Diary
Evacuating person to Okinawa had urine test positive
Fukushima Diary
“Tokyo citizens were irradiated” – Iori Mochizuki
Japan Times
New regime for food radiation tests – Mizuho Aoki
Public Radio International
As Japan tries to cleanup radiation contamination, some question whether it’s possible
Japan Times
Chernobyl charity chief encourages residents
Mainichi Daily News
Nuclear safety awareness heightened worldwide after Fukushima: symposium
Los Angeles TimesAssessing Fukushima, one year later – Robert Peter Gale and F. Owen Hoffman
Al JazeeraJapan’s radiation: Ignorance isn’t bliss – D. Parvaz
Fukushima DiaryFukushima citizen 90 mSv of thyroid exposure – Iori Mochizuki
Al JazeeraFukushima residents report various illnesses
BigPond NewsFukushima fallout continues 12 months on
CounterPunchThe Dangerous Myths of Fukushima – Joseph Mangano and Janette Sherman
EnformableMajority of residents living near Fukushima Daiichi tested for radioactive iodine in thyroid found with abnormal exposure levels – Lucas W Hixson
The GuardianFukushima residents plagued by health fears of nuclear threat in their midst – Justin McCurry
MSNBCFukushima wants to know: Is radiation still a threat? – Eric Niiler
NIRSHealth at a Glance in the Post-Earthquake Japan – Olson, Mary; Chou, M. S. Michelle; Chang, Y. S. Alice; Ito, Ken
Der SpiegelCancer Fears and Depression Plague Japanese Refugees – Cinthia Briseño and Heike Sonnberger
Wall Street JournalIn Japan, Relief at Radiation’s Low Toll – Yuka Hayashi, Phred Dvorak and Robert Lee Hotz
Wall Street Journal blogMarch 11, One Year On: Radioactive Pollen?
Xinhua NewsFears of radioactive contamination remain headache for Japan
Fukushima Diary“Support by eating” campaign caused children internal exposure – Iori Mochizuki
Fukushima DiaryTritium leakage is increasing – Iori Mochizuki
Fukushima DiaryPlutonium measured at 3 locations in 20~32 area – Iori Mochizuki
Nature blogPlutonium spotted far from Fukushima
UPIEx-Tokyo FD head regrets Fukushima order
Xinhua NewsMore Japanese fishery imports found to contain radioactive materials: report
Fukushima Diary13 of 21 children had urine test positive – Iori Mochizuki
Mainichi Daily NewsFukushima mothers, kids speak of health concerns at N.Y. event
Irish TimesFukushima radiation measured in Ireland – Dick Ahlstrom
Hanford NewsHealth uncertainties torment Japanese in nuclear zone – Yuri Kageyama
Fukushima DiaryEvacuated children, urine test positive for cesium – Iori Mochizuki
Fukushima Diary130 million Bq of cesium has leaked to Tokyo bay in Yokohama – Iori Mochizuki
Fukushima DiaryCesium fall-out observed after the massive gas in the plant – Iori Mochizuki
Fukushima Diary“Pu 239 will be detected at high doses” – Iori Mochizuki
Japan TimesTohoku fears nuke crisis evacuees gone for good – Mizuho Aoki
Mainichi Daily News36% of evacuees from Fukushima not wanting to return: survey
Tokyo TimesFukushima toxic water could still be leaking into sea
NY Times blogWhen the Dosimeters Were Screeching – Mark McDonald
Xinhua NewsGoing home not option for over one third of evacuees from Fukushima: poll
Japan TimesFukushima farmers in two-front war – Mizuho Aoki
BloombergThe Children of Fukushima Wait for UN Radiation Study – Yuriy Humber and Tsuyoshi Inajima
Daily TelegraphJapan earthquake and tsunami anniversary: Japan suppressed key radiation report – Julian Ryall
New America MediaThe World is Powerless Against Fukushima Fallout – Yoichi Shimatsu
YouTubeFukushima Japan Flyby, over the “legal limit” of radiation update 3/3/12
Fukushima DiaryInternal document “SPEEDI result is too serious. can’t be disclosed.” – Iori Mochizuki
Japan TimesKanagawa group starts checking food for radiation
Mainichi Daily News83% of local gov’ts have anxiety in distributing iodine preparation
Mainichi Daily NewsMedical personnel quitting Fukushima due to lingering fears of radiation exposure

Fukushima Multimedia Presentations

Nature blogFukushima reports redux – Geoffrey Brumfiel – list of recent Fukushima Reports
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