New Study Examines U236 and PU Isotopes in Fukushima Fallout

Isotopic Compositions of 236U and Pu Isotopes in “Black Substances” Collected from Roadsides in Fukushima Prefecture: Fallout from the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident ACS ActiveView PDFHi-Res Print, Annotate, Reference QuickView PDF [1735 KB] PDF w/ Links[312 KB] Full Text HTML Abstract Figures Reference QuickView Add to ACS ChemWorx Aya Sakaguchi*†, Peter Steier‡, Yoshio Takahashi†, and Masayoshi Yamamoto§ † Graduate School of Science, Hiroshima University, 1-3-1 Kagamiyama, Higashihiroshima, Hiroshima … Continue reading

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