Radiation Bulletin: Fukushima News August 15th – 21st 2011

Here’s the week’s Fukushima news.  Something that I’ve been noticing quite awhile.  Japan’s media appears to take its weekend’s fairly seriously, with very little coverage on Fukushima except in the middle of the week.  Here’s a new website that’s using Twitter to follow Fukushima.

It came out that TEPCo was also actively considering to vent the Fukushima Daiini reactors, but were able to finally get the pumping systems at these units operational on March 12th. In a missed story, on August 12th, 28,000 fishermen from Fukushima protested in front of TEPCO in Tokyo.  The government is allowing the public to use their own car to go back to visit the contamination zones starting in September.  As the industry continues to struggle with Prefectures keeping reactors offline, the media has reported that the industry has doled out at least 2.1 trillion yen to local governments since 1966 or about $25 billion.

TEPCo has publicly come out saying that the quake didn’t damage the reactors, as well as making claims that there has been a dramatic reduction in radiation coming from the damaged facilities.

This week is an annual Buddhist ceremony similar to the Day of the Dead here.

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