Radiation Bulletin: Fukushima News: July 25th – July 31st 2011

The latest news from Japan. Two quakes hit the region this last week, a 6.2 and a 6.5.  The quakes got a brief note in the papers. Must be hard on people’s nerves.  Let’s just say they are lucky these are all happening offshore…  Japan’s Congress against the A&H Bomb voted to call for a dismantlement of nuclear energy.  This took awhile to hit. Stories circulating about the close ties between government regulators and the nuclear utilities has damaged its credibility.  A call to split up the regulators surfaced.  Another story said that the current government received over 100 million yen in the last 3 years from the nuke companies.  Another story told of a huge drop in tourism in the hardest hit region of the country.  More households continue to evacuate due to hot spots, while the beef industry has taken a huge hit, while five prefectures found over 1,500 tons of radioactive sludge.  Local governments that are growing to distrust the national government have started drawing up their own safety programs.  Another story now says that at least 1,600 TEPCo workers have received more than the allowable dose of radiation at Fukushima.  In another news story, Fukushima had long been listed as one of the worst facilities in the world.  Independent food testers in huge demand due to the contaminated beef scandal that reached over 2,600 head of cattle, much of which got into at least one of the major chain grocery stores in the country.  Hundred’s of children were allowed to leave the city of Fukushima due to high dose readings. The nuclear industry union continues to stand by reactors.

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