Radiation Bulletin: Fukushima News: July 11th – 17th 2011

The volume of news continues to decline. An example of the economic distress going on in Japan, not to mention outright manipulation was a Chicago article claiming that it was now safe for tourists in Japan now that the radiation was gone!  The article was pulled.  Another example of disgusting framing is media stories calling desperate workers willing to work at Fukushima “Nuclear Gypsies”.

Probably the big story on the week is that Prime Minister called for the phase out of nuclear power in Japan! Another huge story is the push to shut down the Monju Breeder Program! Another inportant story was they are now estimating a total of 770,000 terabequerels of radiation was released at Fukushima. This is a bit more than 10% of the estimated 5.2 million terabequerels pronuclear insiders  claim was released at Chernobyl. A larger bunch of contaminated cow meat (84 animals) got into general circulation. The biggest shock was that the straw that had the high levels of cesium that was fed to the animals was from a farmer 75 km from Fukushima, which created another burst of distrust about where hot spots actually are. And as expected, the government is moving to reduce the required evacuation zone from 30 to 20 km by the end of August. A rather rare event for Japan was a story that a growing number thefts in contaminated zones has been happening including attacks ATM machines.

TEPCo announced that it has succeeded in getting pipes into unit three and has begun pumping nitrogen into the reactor core to neutralize the danger of further hydrogen explosions.  The nitrogen injection process when completed will mean the end of phase one of TEPCo’s stabilization plan.

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