Radiation Bulletin: Fukushima News: July 4th – July 10th 2011

Sorry, I’m a bit behind today as I’m just completing the first draft on coverage of Fukshima. I also lost a 30 minute summary job of what happened ;(
So here’s a very short version of what happened last week. Japan Agreed to increase money for evacuees, while a major new loan for TEPCo was given out. The scandal over attempts to manipulate opening of another reactor in the country has angered the public, while high levels of radiation were found in beef as well as 45% of the children in the region. Russian Scientists suggest that another Fukushima will hit far sooner than later due to all the aging reactors around the world. A test run of the new poly-cover was done during the last few days. Agricultural exports from the region hit zero, cesium was found in Tokyo for the first time since April, 3 more workers have been acknowledged to have radiation above allowable levels. And there was a 7.3 earthquake in northern Japan!

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