Radiation Bulletin: Fukushima News: June 6th – June 12th 2011

As the news dwindles…  Haven’t seen an article other than dupes of the same story about mass protests across Japan on 6-11. No numbers.  My guess is that these were very large protests… Possibly the reason why no numbers are mentioned.

There were also protests in both New York and San Francisco, as well as around the world.  A mass action in Germany was apparently called off at the last minute and of course the Swiss and Italy have come out against more nuclear!  An interesting turn of events would be in Taiwan where a planned protest had low turnout.  Funny, that the major media in Taiwan has been downplaying Fukushima for some reason as they have GE reactors there and also have a similar problem with earthquakes.

More leaks, even TEPCo’s shareholders are calling for them to give up on nuclear, new reports, whistleblowers, new hot zones, yet little or no coverage on the impacts to coastal fishing (one story).  Also a story digging up a report on an 1980 NRC report claiming that GE reactors were safe… Of course there are many more… Sorting through the stories, of which most are out of Japan would take lots of time to do a better job… Posting more summaries would be nice.

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