The FORUM “A People’s History of Radioactive Waste” will teach the public about Radioactive Waste Problems and what can be done about them. It will convene at 12:30 on Saturday June 5 – and run through a Keynote (TBA) that evening.

The SUMMIT will bring together activists and experts in this field to form the “Peoples Green Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Waste Future” which will (in the next year) issue our report on the topic…well, in fact that group will name itself – so this is a “place holder name!” This event will convene on Friday June 4 and run through Sunday afternoon June 6, including The Forum.

June 4, 5, 6 – CHICAGO —  Loyola University, Lakefront Campus (more details soon!)

Registration Fee: $15 Forum; $30 Summit and Forum

Lodging will be available on campus – likely cost is $90 for 2 nights double room OR $120 for 2 nights single room – also an option to stay in town – limited home stays available

Meals will not be provided – many eateries nearby

The Summit planning group is working to raise funds to help with lodging / travel expenses (still tentative at this time)

The People’s History of Radioactive Waste  FORUM — open to all:

Starts Saturday noon 6/5 – runs through a Keynote Address Saturday evening

Workshops and Speakers on all aspects of the radioactive waste challenge for survival including:

**Uranium mining and processing

**Military and Civilian waste sources and current policy challenges

**So-called “low-level” waste generation, processing, storage, disposal and “release”

**High-Level waste – on-site, transport issues, storage (on and off site), “recycling” and disposal

**Plutonium policy

– more details soon

Website coming soon!

If you are interested in offering a workshop during the FORUM – contact Kevin Kamps: or 240-462-3216

America’s Nuclear Waste Future  GRASSROOTS SUMMIT – open for those already active in radioactive waste and responsible energy policy work, and those who are ready to get significantly involved.  The Summit will have three parts –

**Friday afternoon, June 4, — set priorities for the Saturday morning and Sunday sessions.

**Saturday morning June 5 – meet in small groups by topics and nominate members for the Green Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Waste Future

** Sunday morning and afternoon June 6 – complete small group work, discuss and confirm our strategy and timeline, and elect Commission members.

For more information on the SUMMIT contact Mary Olson at NIRS – or 828-252-8409 or Alfred Meyer, 202-215-8208.

Goals of the Summit will be to identify common ground (geographically and in terms of challenges, concerns and goals) and bottom lines. We will work in small groups and as a spokes council in addition to sharing time all together. In addition, a Green Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Waste Future will be elected and charged to produce a report which will provide an alternative plan from that of the federal Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future.  In order to set the outlines of the debate, we will issue the Green Ribbon Commission Report before the federal Blue Ribbon Commission issues its report over the next 18 – 24 months.

Note: the Summit is not open to those who promote the ongoing production of new radioactive waste, or work for the nuclear industry.

This event is the next step in a dialog that has been on-going since the first pile of nuclear waste was generated by the Manhattan Project – most irradiated fuel is still sitting on the reactor sites where it was made.  The cancelation of Yucca Mountain creates an enormous new set of questions and challenges for the nuclear industry and the public interest. Similarly, the restriction of waste allowed at the Barnwell, South Carolina so-called “low-level” waste dump in 2008 leaves 47 states with no place to bury this enormous, and often highly radioactive waste category; similar challenges exist in the military waste world. The new plan to expand both the civilian reactor fleet and the nuclear weapons production complex threaten our heart-felt goal to see the end to more radioactive waste production. Come join this discussion!

This event is flowing from a group of activists who have been meeting by phone over the last 8 months. The summit planning group is below – we will have a website up, but for more information at this point contact any of us:

Mary Olson, NIRS Southeast   828-252-8409
Judy Triechel, Nevada Nuclear Waste Task Force   702-248-1127
Dave Kraft, Nuclear Energy Information Service    (773)342-7650
Linda Lewison, NEIS        (773)342-7650
Kevin Kamps, Beyond Nuclear   240-462-3216
Alfred Meyer    202-215-8208

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