Uranium-Action-Day – September 20th 2008

Uranium-Action-Day – Europe’s Nuclear Heritage

European uranium action day

20th of September everywhere

Stop nuclear waste before it is produced!

A lot of countries have uranium mines and uranium factories. For example Urenco is one of the biggest multinational companies dealing with uranium. It has uranium enrichment plants in Capenhurst (GB), Almelo (NL) and in Gronau (GER). Eurodiff, a subsidiary company of the French company Areva, runs the nuclear plant in Tricastin- Pierrelatte. The recent accident in Tricastin shows how important resistance against this inhuman politics is. A substantial amount of water contaminated with uranium (the estimates vary between 75 to 360 kilograms uranium) was spilled, which necessitated the local authorities to forbid the use of drinking water.

As another example, in the beginning of 2005 the extension of the uranium enrichment facility in Gronau was authorized in spite of ongoing protests. In the Netherlands the authorization procedure for the extension of the plant in Almelo is happening now. The facility in France is getting enlarged as well, Areva takes the patents for Urenco. In the last years the transports of uranium hexafluoride from Gronau to Russia and from France to Gronau increasingly got the attention of international resistance.

Uranium is needed constantly for the production of fuel elements for nuclear plants (and for nuclear weapons). That is why there are regular transports of uranium across Europe and the world. The international networking against this politics needs to be strengthened, because it entails serious dangers for humans and nature. Resistance has to start at the beginning of the nuclear spiral:

Uranium mining, processing, transports and uranium enrichment/production of fuel elements.

Th spigot must be closed now and everywhere! Get active!

What can you do?

We ask everyone to organize an action on Saturday the 20th of September. We are anti- nuclear- activists an initiatives from Russia, Germany, France, Finland etc. We have decided on anti- nuclear convents in Dortmund (GER), Helsinki (FIN) and Ahaus (GER) that we all together will set an example against uranium mining and utilization. We provide the structure for the joint protests on September the 20th.

This is how its planned:

Every local initiative or group chooses its favourite form of protest. Whatever form you prefer, a lecture, a discussion meeting, street theatre, direct action or a press conference, a demonstration or civilian committee of inspection in your local nuclear facility. There is room for new ideas, spontaneity and fantasy.

The multiple facets of the worldwide machinations of the nuclear companies are in the focus of our joint actions: Uranium mining, transports, uranium enrichment, military use of uranium etc.

You want to join?

We want to give our protest an international dimension. To get an overview over the protests taking place, it would be great if you put your initiative / planned event in the wik or send the information to info ÄT uranium-action-day.info[1]. Please don’t forget to put place, time and contact dates.

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