Hunter’s Point Air Harmful to Your Health

KCBS – Hunter’s Point Air Harmful to Your Health

Hunter’s Point Air Harmful to Your Health

Marie HarrisonSAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Gusty winds have whipped up dust from a construction project and the Hunter’s Point shipyard into a toxic mess.

As crews tear down the Hunter’s Point power plant, residents are concerned about breathing the contaminated air.

Tess Esther lives across the street from the plant-dismantling project.

“We’re surrounded by it,” said Esther.

The air contains naturally occurring asbestos, and Marie Harrison of Green Action said residents are suffering from headaches, rashes and respiratory problems. She said the city is obligated to act immediately to fix the problem.

“You’re not going to clean this community, tear it down, and rebuild it for a whole brand-new group of folks and we’re going to sit here and die over it,” said Harrison.

The group is asking that all the work be stopped for the health of the community until a more responsible plan can be put into place.

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