State bill could slow Diablo Canyon relicensing | 06/06/2007 | State bill could slow Diablo Canyon relicensing

State bill could slow Diablo Canyon relicensing
If passed, the bill would put the power plant’s relicensing on hold until the Energy Commission completes a nuclear study
By David Sneed –

The Assembly’s Appropriations Committee has approved a bill that would put the relicensing of Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant on hold until a study on the future of nuclear power in California is completed.

The bill by Assemblyman Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, would forbid the state Public Utilities Commission from approving any further use of electricity ratepayer money for costs associated with nuclear plant relicensing until the state Energy Commission completes a study into the price of storing high-level nuclear waste at Diablo Canyon and the San Onofre nuclear generating station in northern San Diego County.

The legislation was prompted by a Public Utilities Commission decision to allow Pacific Gas and Electric Co. to charge ratepayers $16.8 million for a study into the feasibility of renewing Diablo Canyon’s two operating licenses even though they will not expire until after 2020.

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