SFBG: PG&E attacks CCA

San Francisco Bay Guardian : Article : PG&E attacks CCA

PG&E attacks CCA
Utility letter slamming city program is debunked by public power advocates
Editor’s note: PG&E sent this statement via email to a local community group, which passed it along to the Guardian. We’ve taken the liberty of adding some crucial facts, in italics. (PDF)>amanda@sfbg.com

Despite all the chummy faux-green advertising and energy partnerships with the city that Pacific Gas and Electric Co. has engaged in recently, the $12 billion utility has made its first vocal criticism of San Francisco’s proposal to provide more renewable energy to its citizens.

Community Choice Aggregation allows the city to build and purchase its own energy, which PG&E then has to carry through its wires. Legislation to enact the plan was introduced to the Board of Supervisors on April 17 and calls for more efficiency and conservation measures in addition to sourcing from solar and wind to make 51 percent of the city’s energy renewable by 2017.

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