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Go bright greenWorldchanging: A User’s Guide for the 21st Century exhorts Josh Lacey to embrace his inner geek, grow mushrooms and turn off the vampire power.

Saturday March 17, 2007
The Guardian

Worldchanging: A User’s Guide for the 21st Century
edited by Alex Steffen
608pp, Abrams, £24.95

How shall we save the world? Here’s one way. We must stop flying. We must switch off our cities and get back to the land. We must renounce all the dirty pleasures of modern life. Never again will we eat a fresh mango in March. Alex Steffen and the other contributors to – and this big book which the website has spawned – describe that puritanical branch of ecological thought as “dark green” and, in opposition, describe themselves as “bright green”. Dark greens demand that you dismantle your car and get a bike instead; bright greens recommend you upgrade to a Toyota Prius. Dark greens say the world is already overpopulated; bright greens suggest that with more efficient farming, we could feed another few billion.

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