Londoners say no to Nuclear Power

Londoners say no to Nuclear Power, July 2006 – The Londoner

Londoners say no to Nuclear PowerNuclear power stationLondoners are becoming more concerned about the dangers of climate change – but most don’t believe nuclear power is the answer.

An independent poll by Ipsos MORI for the Greater London Authority shows 93 per cent of people say climate change is a threat to the world or will become one unless we act now.

Only 4 per cent say they are not concerned about global warming and two thirds are more concerned than a year ago.

With the imminent closure of all but one of the UK’s nuclear power stations, the government is considering whether a new generation should be built. Supporters of nuclear power argue that these could provide a third of future energy needs. Others say nuclear power will do very little to cut carbon emissions, is by far the most dangerous and expensive method of electricity generation and that its radioactive waste will be with us for 300,000 years.

In the poll, 45 per cent of Londoners oppose building new nuclear power stations and believe they are not the way to tackle climate change. Only 34 per cent actually support building them.

Women are particularly opposed to a new generation of nuclear power stations, with 57 per cent against.

Unsurprisingly, three quarters of Londoners also say they do not want nuclear power stations built in their local area and two thirds say nuclear waste should not be transported through densely populated areas like London.

The Greater London Authority has started an investigation into the estimated 200 trains that travel through London carrying nuclear waste each year.

This will also consider any risks involved in transporting even more radioactive material through London if a decision is made to build a new generation of nuclear power stations.

The poll results come as the government nears the end of its review on future energy needs.

Mayor Ken Livingstone said: ‘Our poll reveals just how big an issue climate change has become over the last year – virtually everyone in London now recognises that this is a problem. Londoners realise that nuclear power is not the answer. Nuclear power is neither the cheapest, the safest, nor the most reliable way to reduce greenhouse gases.’

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