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How to avoid the coming Energy Wars


There are no issues left to fight except one.

The corporate media is managing every major issue that matters. Their agenda is to keep most people from learning the truth of what is happening to our world and keep the rest of us from getting together to change it.

Let's see if we are on the same page here.

Step one.

Click here and go look at David Suzuki's Test tube. For the original Test Tube analogy watch Professor Bartlett's 8 part series how the Exponential Growth agenda is killing the Earth. If you're still with me, then you might remember that in 1992 a majority of the world's Nobel Laureates signed a petition warning the people of the world that we had 20 years to solve our growing environmental crisis' that are mostly a product of energy misuse . What did the major media do but counter with their "Heidelberg Maneuver".

Environmentalists have all been framed as special interest groups. The media's divide and conquer management tactics means that we will never see a program that challenges the status quo or suggests reduced consumption or even lifestyle moderation.

How did so many people fall into such a deadly state of misinformation?

Step two..

The BBC did a major investigation into this question with Adam Curtis' "The Century of the Self." This never before shown on US TV documentary covers America's Public Relation's industry and how it has grown to shape the way most people in this country think and act today. Watch it, or...

Curtis details the story of how the Public Relations industry has turned the U.S. into the biggest consumer society in the world. Freudian theory and focus groups would be used to destroy traditional values with advertising designed to manipulate us via psychological profiling. Today, nearly 80% of Americans rely exclusively on TV for their cultural and political cues. Political strategists labels no longer use no longer use traditional labels to indentify us but rely on profiling tactics. One of the mast dramatic changes took place during the 1970's when the traditional 1 minute sound bite was cut to less than 10 seconds. Dumbing down America!

Adam Curtis and the BBC then took another bold step and showed (never before played in the USA) how Public Relations tactics was used to take control of our political process in both the U.S. and the UK. News became a rating game and politics a horseracing spectacle with the big winner being the media as politicians were forced to spend ever greater amounts of money, driving desperate liberals into the hands of monied, special interests. Most of us are clueless to the fact that the corporate media is the largest lobbyiest in congress when it comes to political finance reform. Why? Who is the recipient of all those TV ads? Hmm...

This mass consumption model has been copied around the world and is now faltering as our misuse of energy has drowned the natural world with pollution. Even the anti-Malthusians are getting worried!

Step 3

Boycott the media! Tell your friends to go online to get their news. Start looking for alternative sources of news. The 4 year political cycle no longer works at the national level, and barely below that due to money and the giant national networks. Corporate America has convinced most of the country that they represent the only viable leadership for either party. Yet, average folks are hurting more than ever while the banks and large corporations have used tax loopholes to pay a fraction of what they used to, yet now use their massive wealth and lobbying power to manipulate both parties like never before.

Even though Cheney claimed that America's lifestyle was not up for negotiation, who exactly was he referring to? The huge abuse of energy by the wealthy or average people? Most Americans have long been for moderation of use. Or, better yet, actually learning to really use energy efficiency standards that means using substantially less power but getting the same basic needs met. For example, the country of Denmark is moving forward with a plan to rely on 70% of its electric needs by wind and have solved the socalled intermittancy problem hailed by so many opponents. The baseload claim has nothing to do with most the public! Why rent electricity when we can own our own! By taking power down to smaller sizes we can spur far more jobs and take the giant energy companies out of politics.

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Media Kit from Hunter Lovin's Presentation

U.S. Energy History

Americans have been purposefully addicted to consumption patterns by the TV industry.

Our consumption driven culture is linked to the core costs of energy. Ecologists need a new strategy to deal with our "Energy Addiction Complex". The above video investigates a key strategic shift environmentalists need to focus on!



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