May 4, 2020 Meeting of the Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel; 2019 Annual Performance of the NorthStar Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Project to be Discussed

April 27, 2020
Contact: Tony Leshinskie, State Nuclear Engineer
(802) 272-1714
Vermont Public Service Department Announces May 4, 2020 Meeting of the Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens…

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U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission announces it will proceed with licensing of proposed high-level radioactive waste dump in New Mexico despite illegal license term

In violation of Nuclear Waste Policy Act, license applicant Holtec International contemplates federal ownership of 173,000 metric tons of highly radioactive spent reactor fuel to be stored at New Mexico site
Beyond Nuclear vows to challenge NRC a…

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ACT NOW! Stop Japan from dumping radioactive water!

SIGN the petition to the Government of Japan demanding that contaminated water be stored on land and solidified rather than being dumped into the Pacific Ocean.     
The Japanese government intends to release 1.2 million cubic meters of water contaminated with radioiodine, radiocesium, radiostrontium and tritium into the ocean. This water, which exceeds emission concentration standards, has been accumulating since the Fukushima nuclear reactor meltdowns and explosions in 2011. Yet more contaminated water will likely be dumped from the ruined reactor sites in the future. 

Japan civil society groups and Fukushima fishing unions are strongly opposed to ocean discharge. For the fishing industry, this is a matter of life and death. You can sign the organization or individual petition. This petition is sponsored by Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center, No Nukes Asia Forum Japan and Friends of the Earth Japan.

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