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Fukushima Disaster Links

Here you will find an extensive array of resources that will help you indentify and evaluate the disaster from the perspective of many important perspectives.

7-10-2011: Make sure to hit the refresh button as new material is being added regularly!


770,000 Terabecquerels of Radiation Released
Wikipedia: Fukushima Radiation Effects
Greenpeace: Japan being hit with high levels of radiation
CNN: TEPCo Raises worker Radiation limits
Radiation Levels in Workers
5-19: EPA Halts heightened Monitoring of Radiation
6-23: Radiation Monitoring in USA is a PR stunt
6-29: Japan gives out 34,000 radiation badges to children
7-15: Heavily contaminated saw was 75 km from Fukushima
7-13: Nuclear Gypsies: Temp workers at Fukushima
7-26: Radiation is Good For you!
8-8: Japan's Radiation Forecast System Ignorred

7 Part NHK/Youtube Series on independent radiation monitoring in Japan

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

Fukushima Kamikaze: Temp Workers being endangered

Temp Workers

Economics: German Nuclear nomads
Ace Hoffman: Glow Boys...
Nuclear Free Planet: Nuclear Janitors Risk Health and Safety
Multinational Monitor: Glowboys
Mother Jones: How Desperate Workers are mopping up America's Nuclear Mess
RTR Worldwide: Chernobyl Bio-Robots in Nuclear Fallout
SLO New Times San Luis Obispo: Into the Bowels of Nuclear Reactor
Time: What's in Store for Japan's Embattled Nuclear Workers?
Investment Watch: Wanted: US Workers for Crippled Japan Nuke Plant


Radiation Monitoring

Worldwide Radiation Monitoring Networks

  • Radiocial
  • Japan Radiation Monitoring

  • Failed Robot
  • Japan Gov.: MEXT
  • Steinbach
  • Fukushima charts
  • TEPCo
  • Webcam
  • Safecast
  • Radiation News
  • US Monitoring

  • RadNet
  • Higgins
  • RadStation
  • UC Berkeley
  • EPA
  • CDPH Monitors
  • LW Hixon
  • CalRadNet
  • DOE Blog
  • 130 times normal levels of radiation from Fukushima on the West Coast