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DOE Workers and the public are being killed by the media and our Government


The National TV News programs refuse to cover the nationwide health disaster facing DOE workers and downwinders across the country. Why? Because it might jeopardize the Nuclear Push!

Here, you will find news stories documenting the tragic history of radiation safety in the U.S. Most of the below articles have been published at the local level only. This is a small sampling from 6,400 articles between the early 1990's and 2007.

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Nuclear Fuel Cycle: Health Impacts
Pueblo Chieftain: Radiation impact lasts forever, says scientist
Daily Sun: Radioactive water near Hopi springs
South Dakota uranium contamination screening bill update
Gallup Independent: Navajo Utah Commission tries to help radiation victims
Deseret News: Is cancer Utah mill's legacy?
SRIC: Indigenous Impacts from mining
Navajos still reeling from effects of last uranium boom
1955 Cold Cream Commercial Irradiated Woman
News-Miner: A toxic legacy?
Dangerous testing went beyond vets to orphans, prisoners
RECA Compensation Tied to Skin Tone?
Independent: RECA Hearing - Part 1
How the U.S. Secretly Fed Radioactivity to Thousands of Americans
The Gold of the Nuclear Age: Lost and Stolen Nuclear Materials
Uranium mine workers exposed to above-average radon gas levels
Phosphate woes heating up legislation
Defense Department withholds data on perchlorate
Navajo Miners Battle a Deadly Legacy of Yellow Dust
Downwinders may get IOUs
Activist tells of harsh realities of N-weapons
Compensation Delay Seen for Ill Miners
Feds fund $450,000 uranium study
Wise woman seeks answers to cancer rates in Southwest Virginia
Public Lands At Risk From Nuclear Contamination
Exposing the nation to radiation sickness
Plutonium Files: US Govt's Secret Medical Experiments
NAU prof believes mining of uranium hikes cancer rates
Journalists Smuggle Depleted Uranium Into New York
Activist seeks $1.5 billion in reparations for Kiski towns
Pennsylvania ranks fourth with 26 nuclear legacy sites
Radioactive materials sat undetected for almost four decades
Roadmap to the Project ACHRE Report
The History Of Human Guinea Pigs
Erwin businessman sues Nuclear Fuels over contamination
HHS: Compensation of Nuclear Workers for Job-Related Cancers
Federal government to give money to workers diseased by uranium exposure
Navajo Nation Uranium Workers Receive $50,000 Compensation
Bush Wants to Delay Payment To Ailing Uranium Workers
Miners' advocate Key dies
Ill miners with IOUs face setback
Uranium Miners, Downwinders Still Getting IOUs
ExxonMobil hit with huge damages
Downwinders, miners plan to sue over delayed compensation
Future of RECA still up in the air
Ill Uranium Miners Left Waiting as Payments for Exposure Lapse
Compensation elusive for most Navajo radiation victims
Film explores exposure of Navajo Indians to mine radiation
Radiation poison brings reservation blues
Radiation experiments: Plaque memorializes patients in program
Uninformed consent
Radiated inmates to share $2.4 million in settlement
The Plutonium Files
Tribes face environmental woes
Human faces put on ethical issues of plutonium experiments
Plutonium contamination found in area used by children, hikers
Irradiated inmates settle suit
A century of radiation
Senate panel passes bill for `atomic soldiers'
Women given radioactive iron in 1940s will get $10.3 million
Uranium mines were unsafe and radioactive, former miners say
U.S. releases report on human radiation experiments
Potential risk to veterans treated with radium in nose
Last survivor of radiation experiments gets apology
Clinton Apologizes For Secret Cold War-Era Radiation Experiments
Suit over tumor patients killed in '60s experiment
16,000 used in radiation tests
Secrecy Deters Panel's Study of Radiation Tests
1999: Livermore Lab: Plutonium Sludge investigation
1999: Current DOE Experimentation involving Human Subjects
DOE Response to Senator Glenn Question on Human Radiation Experiments
PSR: Backgrounder on Radiation Experiments on civilians
DOE Worker Compensation Scandal
DOE Worker's Being Killed by bureaucrats
Radiation Panel Fairness Questioned
3/4 of 98,000 DOE workers claims denied
Rocky Flats neighbors win $350 million
Lab workers' fallout
DOE Worker's Health records buried in n-waste dump
Mysterious Illness hits DOE nationwide
Radiation Compensation Program Biased
Hemscott: Court: dismissal of Boeing case stands
Rocky Mountain News: Immediate aid to most ill Flats workers denied
DaytonDailyNews: Senators upset over compensation law
washington post: Cancer Claims Denied or Delayed for Nuclear Arms Workers
Daily Mail: 50 years later, the price still being paid for the atom bomb
HeraldTribune: Casualties of the Cold War
More Delays on OSHAs Latest Agenda: Beryllium standards delayed
WP: Thousands of Nuclear Arms Workers See Cancer Claims Denied or Delayed
Tennessean: 2006 uranium spill cited at Tenn. plant
PM: Dying Nuclear Workers Sue Labor Department
The Hawk Eye: Nuke workers' woes continue
SF New Mexican: Attorney: Organs lawsuit settled
Hawk Eye: Researchers seek IAAP workers for study
Richmond Register: Safety worries started with whistle blower
NAS: Project: Beryllium Alloy Exposures in Military Aerospace Applications
Feds tried to cut aid--Limits sought on help for ill workers
Cibola County Beacon: Calling all Post 71 uranium workers
Chillicothe Gazette: Options for nuke workers
The Enquirer: Fernald radiation data to get review
Ventura County Star: Health aid expanded for lab workers
The Enquirer: Fernald workers, families state case
AP Wire: Audit questions documents used to reject sick workers' claims
Dayton Daily News: Audit says many Mound workers likely exposed to toxins
Beacon Journal: Workers seek nuclear files
AP Wire: Ill former nuclear workers question why Mound records were buried
CBS: Heroes Of The Cold War Out In The Cold
Hanford News: Hanford workers comp claims are denied at too high a rate
ANWAG: Presidential Signing Statement May Have Thwarted Congressional Intent for EEOICPA Amendment Test site workers' records dumped
Tennessee: WVLT: Sick Nuclear Workers Speak Out
Dayton Daily News: Piketon: A troubled past
Dayton Daily News: Cancer killed Piketon worker who helped set safety rules
Paducah Sun: Whistle-blower: DOE after his job
Hanford News: DOE does away with pensions for new hires
Guardian Unlimited: Jury Rejects Claim Facility Caused Cancer
Sick nuclear workers still awaiting compensation from government
Herald Tribune: A long and painful road
Survivors, families have trouble collecting for exposure to radiation
DOE Watch: Manhattan project's fluorine poisoning of workers
DOE proposes fine for safety company over worker's firing
Cold War radiation didn't cause cancer, VA rules
National groups say sick-worker rules fall short
Comp checks cut for Amchitka workers
Flats expert spent career exposing radiation's effects
Hawk Eye: Former IAAP workers learn to wait
Beryllium Effects On OSHA Inspectors Wider Than Feared
Appeals court upholds decision to dismiss lawsuit filed by uranium plant workers
Insidious beryllium
Secret project leaves sad legacy
Occupational Hazards: Erring on the Side of Disaster
Nuclear workers recount climbing material, illnesses
Hanford: 100 sick worker cases being paid
Sick-worker case backlog means 6-month pay delay
Alaska - Secret Biological, Chemical and Radiation Experiments
Worker's Medical Claim Denied
Labor issues first sick-worker check
Class-action suit against Brush KO'd
Will they be paid before they die?
First Look at Declassified Documents
Processing claims tied to N-arms work are criticized
Energy Department slow to handle worker illness claims
DOE failed to alert workers to disease risk
House blocks help for sick workers
'No one has tried to find me'
U.S. Labor Department to Help Nuclear Weapons Workers
Prospects wane for sick worker compensation
DOE contractor's work on claims spurs audit
New plan sought for nuclear workers
Sick workers buried in red tape -
Contractors Cleared in Nuke Illness Case
Agency struggles to obtain radiation data
Officials to Quit Sick Nuke Worker Program
DOE's backlog of worker claims assailed
Illnesses leave lives in 'agony'
USEC workers facing beryllium disease
Daughter Fights for Ailing Nuke Workers
Mortality Amoung Female Nuclear Weapons Workers
Sick nuclear workers discouraged by claims bottleneck
Court revives wrongful-death suits against Beryllium maker
Keep close tabs on Energy
Effort to shift program for weapons workers fails
'Why don't they just pay us and be done with it?'
DOE says it's improving program for sick workers
Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act
Workers got huge doses of radiation
Senior OSHA leader levels charges
Fair Act of 2003 isn't fair at all to sick workers
GAO investigates sick workers compensation program
Ill Paducah nuclear-weapons workers may face 7-year delay
Ailing nuke workers denied aid, most not told of risks
Judge rejects uranium workers' exposure claims
Nearly 30 thousand claims by sick workers face backlog
Federal report gives warning on nuclear factory
Beryllium cleanup plan outlined
Justice Department backs plant workers, environmentalists in suit
$50,000 payments available for radiation exposure
New sick worker bill to break toxic substance claim logjam
Judge Quits Radiation Case Over Doubts
Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant - Health funds
Probe of tungsten's possible health effects expands
Report from National Nuclear Workers for Justice
DOE medical claims as of 2/13/03
Frequent fliers face radiation risks, researchers say
DOE expands cancer screening to include construction workers
Striking workers: We can't trust USEC
Sick worker dies awaiting federal compensation
Pentagon, Energy Department keep information under wraps
Beryllium victims sick at heart
Attorney argues case for sick worker
Former nuclear workers here wait for promised restitution
Plant Workers Alleged Exposure Records Were Falsified
Iowa: Compensation claims rise to nearly $1 million
Worker safety concerns surfacing with lawsuit
Bush ups number of compassion payments (to industry workers)
Hanford: Ailing lab workers are sick of waiting
Fate of sick worker 'voice' unclear
Shaw Pittman: DOD Allegedly Covered Up Medical Records
DOE Health risk firm marks 10 years
Former Westinghouse employees want to be on nuclear list
Sick Nuclear Workers in Oak Ridge Still Waiting
Deal reached on Army plant health records
Iowa: AO denies blocking health study
EEOICP Claims Statistics: 9-12-2002
Meritorious Claims for State Labor & Industry's Worker Compensation
IAAP study being stonewalled
Small step Pentagon finally acknowledges nuclear production at IAAP
Denied State Labor and Industry's Worker Compensation
Pentagon relaxes army plant silence pledge
Too Slow -- Sick workers need timely aid
Conference: 10-10-02 Radiation and Health in the Nuclear Heartland
Sick nuclear workers unhappy with federal plan
Safety data erased at uranium plants
Chemist Whistleblower Wins $1.5 Million Judgment Against Army
Workers at Ground Zero deserve health screenings, treatment
No easy money for nuclear-weapons workers' ills
Energy Department to help sick workers
DOE told to give up fight on sick-worker claims
Paducahan among advocates named to board on sick workers
Fallout: The Past Is Present
$293 Million Paid Out To Nuclear Weapon Workers
On compensation for sick defense workers
Radiation ruling puts focus back on health
Hanford exposures can sue
Thyroid disease study finds no link to Hanford releases
Radiation Compensation Rules
Iowa Study: Cancer rates higher
Sick workers plan protest
Sick workers pursue broader coverage
Compensation program topic of demostration
Coverage for more illnesses from Paducah plant sought
Sick workers: DOE is dragging its feet on compensation program
Neighbors of Old Nuclear Fuel Plant Sue Over Sicknesses
Study identifies beryllium health issues
Cancer levels worry workers at former atomic site
Federal inspector fell asleep during check of uranium plant
Hanford cancer compensation: promised, elusive
Argonne lab workers exposed to beryllium
Nuke comp low in numbers
Eligibility Expanded for Nuclear Workers
Money poor reward for loss of health, cancer sufferer says
Neptunium levels in 1961 believed not worrisome
Ailing ex-worker sues company
Sick-worker claims said to be hampered by DOE rules
Beryllium makers not liable for ill effects
What lies ahead for lab workers?
Government should bear the burden of proof in compensation cases
Beryllium firm agrees to pay $145,000 fine
Ex-Flats worker sues over beryllium disease
Report: Workers Not Warned
Congress OKs $84M for uranium workers
Coalition assists sick workers
U.S. program excludes some ill N-workers
Jury Rules Rocky Flats Beryllium Supplier Not Negligent
Attorney: Beryllium co. sought to protect profits
Beryllium maker tries to shift blame
Energy Department Updates List Of Sites Covered by Worker
Beryllium report attacked in court
Beryllium stories fake, expert says
1994 Kelly incident
Labor Department to Delay Nuclear Worker Compensation
Who's eligible for program to compensate job-sickened nuclear workers
Text of Memo to the DOL Team from Secretary of Energy Elaine Chao
Uranium plant workers can't sue their employer, judge says
Bush Shifting Compensation Program
Secretary of Labor adds hurdle to aid for sick workers
Beryllium Report index
Paducah exposure records incomplete
Expert on chronic beryllium disease sees 'good news' for Hanford workers
Hazardous exposure review to encompass seven counties
Paducah Radiation Study Released
Worker Doses at Three Nuclear Materials Processing Plants in the 1940s and 1950s
Compensation set for ill nuclear workers
Clinton orders uranium-worker compensation
Investigation Probes Worker Radiation Exposure at Rocky Flats
DOE Fraudulently Claims AEC/DOE Workers are being Killed
Report: Ky. Workers Exposed
Testimony on Nuclear Workers
Money for ill workers deleted from bill
Sick Nuke Workers Petition Congress
Administration issues position statement on nuclear compensation
Workers here handled atom bomb material from the start
Chapter 1: Contamination lingers on
Chapter 2: Questions remain
Chapter 3: Contractors took calculated risks
Chapter 4: How clean is clean enough?
Chapter 5: Still waiting
Chapter 1: Worker risks weren't a priority
Chapter 2: Calculated risks
Chapter 3: Filed and forgotten
Report: Va. Nuclear Workers Exposed
Research ignores private nuclear contractors
Chapter 1 Secret program left toxic legacy
Chapter 2 Secret job, secret threats
Chapter 3 Many sites, many risks
Chapter 4 Defining the danger
Chapter 5 Laid to waste
Chapter 6 The damage question
Report: Nuclear Workers Exposed
Worker health study underway; boxes of names found
Survey of Atomic weapons workers
Sick workers seek independent study
2 DOE suits ask billions to ill workers
Study suggests a K-25, sick-worker connection
Clinton couple files $7 million sick-worker suit
Study looks at DOE workers' records for risk of lung cancer
Portsmouth Workers Exposed to Radiation for Decades
Nuclear Contractors Cited for Endangering Workers
Report details decades of worker exposure
Ex-nuclear workers allege overcharges, safety issues
Deletion of safety records reported
Some illnesses don't show up until years after leaving the job
Exposed workers: Who to compensate, and how much?
DOE unveils compensation plan
Workers Sue Fluor Over Exposure to Fumes
Lawsuit targets beryllium producer
Lax pace for safety rules leaves public and workers at risk
DOE investigating allegations of dosimetry tampering
Workers expected to testify that exposure records inaccurate
Gov't radiates workers
Brush sued by contract workers
Final Paducah report Plant kept workers in dark about exposures
DOE secrecy put workers at risk
Uranium Workers Used in Experiments
Hanford workers finally free to tell of illnesses
Physicians Group Sees DOE Admission as Important Beginning
Govt. Concedes Radiation Exposure
Cooperate or keep quiet? Piketon workers confused
Karen Silkwood Memorial Event Helps Spotlight Current Workplace Issues
Plant Hid Risk From Workers
Workers relate health woes in public forum
DOE plant workers: We never saw safety memo
Two studies find disease high among former Hanford workers
Piketon workers share their stories
Safety fears at atomic warhead factory
Piketon retiree says he didn't have any idea of potential danger
Radiation stories told by families
Latest nuclear incident recalls 1963 event at Livermore Lab
OSHA issues beryllium warning
Managers concealed health hazards at uranium plant
Uranium plant risks hidden for decades
Exposure concerns go back 39 years
'Tennessean' articles prompt attention to ill workers
Uranium plant workers file $10 billion class-action suit
Radiation tester says findings at Marion site were doctored
State knew about plutonium danger. Why didn't anyone protect workers?
Casualties of weapons-making
Guest column: Problem of sick workers is a national issue
'Tennessean' traced pattern of illness at Oak Ridge
Report: Government ignored workers' exposure to toxic dust
Nuclear whistleblower wins $8.4 million award
Nuclear Health Effects Studies: The Quick or the Dead
National Institutes of Health Found Lax With Radioactive Materials
Workplace: Was Therapy Used to Punish Nuclear Workers?
Court Refuses To Consider Health Tests for Radiation
In 4 years, DOE compensates 1 sick worker out of 22
Atomic Fallout Victims
Deseret News: Feds urged to expand fallout compensation
Yokwe Net: Bikini and Enewetak Appear before U.S. Federal Court of Claims Lawsuit
Star Tribune: Uranium tests for veterans proposed
Press Republican: Atomic fallout
Daily Herald: Help all U.S. downwinders
Deseret News: Downwinder says enough is enough
Hanford News: Downwinders mark nuclear test day
Spectrum: Baneberry witness tells story
SF Chronicle: Remembering the Marshall Islands
Salt Lake Tribune: Many Utahns bear reminder of Cold War
Times Argus: 'Atomic veterans' from earlier in era seek compensation
UPI: Atomic vets angry over delays
Deseret News: Thyroid woes a long-term risk after exposure to radiation
PVT: Above-ground tests in 1950s-60s still cause major health issue fallout
Guardian Unlimited: Colo. Landowners Win $554M in Nuclear Suit
Deseret News: Fallout victimization absolutely not exaggerated
Doctors focus on mental health of downwinders
RGJ: A lingering cloud Atomic vets: 50 years later
Bad news fo fallout victims, RECA cuts
Deseret News: Questions haunt many Downwinders
Downwinders' court win seen as 'great victory'
USA's Radiation Victims Seek $3 Bn in Compensation
Jury awards $545,000 to two Hanford-area cancer victims
Downwinders Pay a Secret Price
Living with fallout
Bush Administration Kills Nuclear Fallout Study
Nuclear fallout report offers little encouragement for ailing Montanans
Report: Fallout hit everybody
Residency rules limit payments for fallout
Heads roll at VA, mushrooming DU scandal blamed
Survivors cram board room with tales of radiation fallout
Idaho native wants disease rates related to nuclear fallout
Weaker nuke cleanup standards to be proposed
Attorney general responds to downwinders' request
Downwinders win ruling on emissions
Crowds are expected to discuss radiation effects
Marshall Is atoll sues US for nuclear damages
Downwinders to tell their tales, thanks to delegation
Evidence shows tests were deadly
New Study Predicts Up to 44,000 Prompt Fatalities and 518,000 Long-Term Deaths
Government ignored public health warnings during fallout era
Test shot in 1952 hit Idaho hardest
The Forgotten Downwinders
Utahn recalls seeing devastation caused by atomic bomb
Shadow of Nuclear Fallout
Colorado Voices: The real nuclear threat
Researchers keep 40-year-old thyroid study alive
50 Years Later, The Tragedy of Nuclear Tests in Nevada
GI: Downwinder says med staff told him to 'come back when you're sicker'
Seattle Cancer Center Won't Release Thyroid Study
Downwinder clinic opens at DRMC
GLW: Documentary reveals New Mexico nuclear horror
Utahns Suffering from Nuclear Legacy
Home, Home on the (Radioactive) Range
Downwinders' Benefits
Atomic Secrets Equal Illness and Death for 300,000
Alice Stewart Interview: A-Bomb Data Wrongly Interpreted
After 12-year wait for trial, downwinders losing hope
Veterans' Nuclear Exposure Underestimated
Report recommends against more downwinder nuclear fallout tests
Agency urges publishing report on nuclear tests
Activist pushing for government reparations for nuclear pollution
Atomic Vet Lyerly is denied compensation once again
Enewetak: Mike Shot 50 years later
Veteran believes his family's sickness is due to his radiation exposure
Help for nuke test workers expedited
Nevada State loses federal funding for its birth defect registry
Professor Outlines Benefits Of Low-Dose Radiation
Downwinders Appeal Eligibility Decision
Court revives downwinder claims
Hanford: Residents living downwind of former plutonium site win appeal
Utah professor lobbies for funds to continue fallout study
Fallout, Cancer and Politics
What About the Global Body Count?
Nuclear Testing Caused Cancers Around the Globe
US counts nuclear test toll
Midwest bore brunt of nuclear test fallout, study says
Study: 1950s nuclear fallout worse than thought
Cancer linked to cold war bomb tests
Almost All in U.S. Have Been Exposed to Fallout, Study Finds
Despite clamor, fallout study still unreleased
Did nuclear fallout cause thyroid problem
Court denies downwinders' appeal
Downwinders, miners plan to sue over delayed compensation
CDC terminates Hanford study oversight panel
VA seeks payments for 'atomic veterans'
Burns caused dangerous IAAP fallout
Radiation Compensation Bill Gives Little Incentive to Prosecute Claims
Clinton signs new nuclear-compensation bill
Study: Atomic Tests Link to Cancer
Hanford (downwinder) dose data released
Study says 400,000 Gulf War veterans exposed to uranium
Greenpeace says DOE is covering up evidence of radiation leakage
1950s nuke tests still health threat, Congress told
Senator Calls for Nuke Fallout Hearing
Fallout hot spots across western United States
Officials attack government agency about delay of fallout report
Karen Silkwood Project
National Nuclear Workers for Justice
SRIC Uranium Assessment Program
Military Toxics Project
DOE Sick Worker
CDC Radiation Reports
DOE: Human Experiments Documentation
Office of Compensation Analysis and Support / NIOSH
Hanford Health Information Archives
Asbestos Exposure at Power Plants Whistling Freedom
Shreveport Times: Group seeks atomic veterans
Palladium: Veterans being encouraged to get (Gov) information booklet
NJMRC: Diseases - Chronic Beryllium Disease
IEER Press Release: NAS BEIR VII report
National-Academies: Low Levels of Ionizing Radiation May Cause Harm
Thyroid at Root of Many Symptoms
Mutations Can Carry Over Generations
Medical Study News: Even low dose radiation exposure causes cancer
OneWorld UK: U.S. Public at Risk from Radiation - Scientists
NRC Historian Examines History of Radiation Protection
New Vadose Zone Book to Aid in Cleanups
Radiation Damage May Be Passed to Offspring
PRX: DIRTY HARRY - When the American Dream Became a Nightmare
"PLANNED DEATHS" By Nuclear Industry-Court Testimony By Dr John Gofman
Beryllium Support Group Legislation
EEOICPA Reform Act of 2004
Atomic radiation linked to heart disease, stroke
Health Risks From Exposure To Low Levels Of Ionizing Radiation
Thyroid study to go on Internet
Citizen Science & Radiation Protection
Health experiences of Hanford downwinders to be preserved in new archives
Worth a Thousand Words: Nuclear 'poisonous chalice'
Las Vegas SUN: Editorial: Public's right to know

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