The Race to Save Ward Valley: December 1995

This is a special electronic reprint of portions of the September, 1995 issue of Terrain, Northern California's Environmental Magazine. This issue produced in partnership with the BAN Waste Coalition. Copyright is reserved but permission to reprint is hereby granted to anyone who's working to save Ward Valley. Please consider subscribing to Terrain, at $35/year. Movement groups can enquire about gratis subs by emailing the editor, Chris Clarke, at ecologycntr@igc.apc.org. 2530 San Pablo Ave. Berkeley, CA 94702 (510) 548-2220 ecologycntr@igc.apc.org editor Chris Clarke associate editor Ron Sullivan intern Monique Rogers contributing editors John Byrne Barry, Ernest Callenbach, Chris Carlsson, Mark Dowie, Jeannine Gendar, Malcolm Margolin, Gar Smith Editorial Board John Dury, Jym Dyer, Joe Eaton, Sharon Leach contributors Carl Anderson, Llewellyn Barrackman, Leona Benten, Bonnianne Boroson, David Brower, Dale Brown, Christine Carraher, Peter Drekmeier, John Dury, Joe Eaton, Joe Gator, Barbara George, Ernest Goitein, Daniel Hirsch, Weldon Johnson, Marylia Kelley, Phil Klasky, Michael K. Lerch, Becky Lum, Patricia Madueo, Rebecca Miller, Jane Nielsen, Karen Pickett, Erica Rogers, Robert Stebbins, Ron Sullivan, Steve Tabor, Ron VanFleet, Howard Wilshire, Art Weber, Sennet Williams, Stormy Williams, Victoria Woodard, Ward Young. Who We Are Terrain is published by the Ecology Center, celebrating 25 years of green advocacy and education. Ecology Center 2530 San Pablo Ave. Berkeley, CA 94702

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