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Abalone Alliance Declaration of Nuclear Resistence

We are committed to a permenent halt to the construction and operation of nuclear power plants in California. Nuclear power is dangerous to all life. We encourage the real alternatives of conservation and safe, clean and renewable sources of energy.

To achieve these goals,we join together from throughout the state to form the Abalone Alliance to oppose nuclear power through direct action and education.

Beginning with Diablo Canyon nuclear power reactor, our non- violent action wil be directed to existing and planned nuclear reactors in California. We will continue until nuclear power has been replaced by a sane end life-affirming energy policy.


1. The much advertised need for nuclear energy is derived from faulty and inflated projections of consumption based on a profit system hostile to conservation. The United States has 6% of the world's populaton consuming over 30% of its energy sources. With a rational energy policy and appropriate changes in construction, conservation and recycling procedures, the alleged "need" for nuclear power disappears.

2. Nuclear reactors are an economic catastrophe. They are unreliable and inefficient. Nuclear power is an extemely capital intensive technology. In contrast, conservation and solar related energy technologes will create more jobs, both safe and permanent, than the atomic industry could ever provide.

3. The centralized nature of nuclear power takes control of energy away from the local community.

4. There is a direct relationship between nuclear power reactors and nuclear weapons. The export of nuclear reactors makes possible the spread of nuclear bombs to nations all over the world. The theft of nuclear materials and the sabotage of nuclear facilities pose further threats to our lives and civil liberties.

5. The dangers of nuclear power are intolerable. They range from the continuous flow of low-level radiation, which can cause genetic damage and cancer, to the creation of deadly radioactive wastes which must be completely isolated from the environment for 250,000 years, to the destruction of our rivers, lakes and oceans by nuclear and thermal pollution, to the possibility of a major meltdown catastrophy. No material gain, real or imagined, is worth the assault on life itself that nuclear power represents.


1. That not one more cent be spent on nuclear power reactors, except for efforts to dispose of those wastes already created and to decommission those reactors now in operation.

2. That American energy policy be focused on conservation and the development of solar, wind, tidal, biomass conversion and other forms of clean and renewable energy in concert with the efficient recycling and fair distribution of energy.

3. That all people who lose jobs through the cancellaton of nuclear construction or operation be retrained for jobs in the renewable energy field or in other areas.

4. That we end production, testing, stockpiling and use of nuclear weapons. We have confidence that when the true dangers and expense of nuclear energy are made known to the American people, our nation will reject this tragic experiment which has aready caused so much loss in economic and material resources, health, environmental quality, and our control over our own lives.


1. To stop construction and operation of all nuclear reactors in California.

2. To promote the realistic alternatives of safe, clean and renewables sources of energy.

3. To encourage responsible community control of energy production and use.

4. To support efforts to eliminate nuclear weapons.

5. To build a more loving and responsible world for ourselves, our children and future generations of all living things on this planet.

In our work, we will maintain a discipline of active non-violence and full respect for all persons we encounter. We will act truthfully and openly, and we will honestly weigh concerns brought to us. We pledge our solidarity with all other non-violent efforts to stop nuclear power world-wide.


San Luis Obispo, CA February 26, 1978