What Needs To Be Done For San Onofre Safety

Instead of protecting our safety Southern California Edison’s plan appears to be to hide radiation leaks and hide the fact they are out of compliance with their Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) license. See Condition 8 of License, page 3 (ML16341B080). This handout with more details (No Plan for Cracking Cans) was presented to Southern California Edison at the August 9th, 2018 Community Engagement Panel meeting.

For More Critical Independant SONGS information please visit https://sanonofresafety.org/

& Thank you Donna Gilmore for all of your investigational activities into the debacle that is the San Onofre Nuclear Waste Dump.

Aging Nuke Dumps On Fault Lines In Tsunami Hazard Zones = Fukushimas… Any Questions?
PLEASE Turn off a light for Fukushima USA / San Onofre

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FACTS On San Onofre For Surfrider Members

Call Surfrider Today! (949) 492-8170 Southern California Edison’s (SCE) has not included many important facts in their responses to Surfrider Foundations questions regarding the nuke dump at San Onofre See “FACTS” below SCE’s responses.  A Printable PDF Version of this post is found at SanOnofreSafety.org. 

Timeline Inquiries & Comments (Julia Chunn‐Heer, San Diego Policy Manager)

1) Has the timeline for starting the movement into dry storage changed, or is it still slated to start in Dec 2017/Jan 2018?

SCE Response: No, the timeline has not changed. Fuel transfer from wet to dry storage could start as early as December 2017 following on‐site NRC reviews.


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