Statement of Llewellyn Barrackman

of the Fort Mojave IndianTribe on the Proposed Ward Valley Radioactive Waste Facility

Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt is not keeping his promise to us: he promised us an evidentiary hearing where we could air our concern and be heard. Instead, he is relying on scientists to speak. From the beginning we have been against this nuclear dump. We are still against it, but no one is listening to us ... still.

They intend to transport nuclear waste through our reservation and through the town of Needles. They have never asked our permission or held a hearing on this issue. There is no provision to train our people should there be an accident, no plans to deal with the terrible dangers of a nuclear waste transport accident.

We will be needing water to grow. There is much water beneath Ward Valley and it will eventually become contaminated. This is a terrible crime. Our poor desert tortoise never even had a chance. Both the tortoise and the land are sacred to us. We have used this land for thousands of years. We use the Plants there to heal ourselves and renew ourselves. Now it will all be destroyed. It's wrong all the way around.